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  1. Ok. Thanks. The transom where the kicker mounts is 25" or so. Most reading I did said get the extra long shaft. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  2. What shaft length are your kicker motors....long or extra long?
  3. I found this pick of a 2020 Targa with the two controls. Guess this is what I'm looking at if I end up going this way. There are so many choices for a kicker, auto pilots, electric steering, Itroll, etc. Unfortunately, the dollars add up too. I'd love to have everything but.....I think to start, this might be the way for me. I appreciate the pics and info from the original posts. Went out and looked at that u-bolt and thought....WHY there!???? Oh well. So it begins.
  4. OK. Will do. Unfortunately, my first mate(s) seem to be well past their prime! Before I got the new Suzuki, I would usually have to wake them up before I'd be able to bump the throttle or shift gears!
  5. Hello. If it's OK, I guess I'll join the party here. New 2020 Targa Combo. Will be adding a kicker soon. Weather has been cold and wet, so not extremely excited about tearing things apart quite yet. Have yet to purchase the kicker. Bought a Suzuki 9.9 four stroke with controls/electric tilt about 2 years ago for my old boat. Good solid motor, but tends to surge here and there at trolling speeds. Runs around $2800 delivered. (It took about a day to rig the whole thing up.) I've read that Tohatsu makes the smaller Mercs, with a 9.9 Tohatsu w/controls, trim and tilt running about $2900 delivered. Tracker dealer near me quoted $4500 with a 9.9 Merc./controlls installed. Hmmmmmm. What to do? I see Cody is running a tiller model. What about you Rookie Fisherman? I like the remote as we fish in Canada quite a lot, and when I hear "Snag!", I can quickly kick it in reverse and be on my way back to retrieve a lure. Just wondering how difficult it is to run the shifter cables, etc. up to the helm. Thought about the itrolls, troll master, etc. to save the pain of running the cables. Keep coming back to wanting the controls next to me. Any thoughts?
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