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  1. that looks good,try boosting the sensitivity up to 4 and put the surface clearity up to max clear.if too much clutter put the noise rejection on high also.using the 2x zoom helps also when the fish are deep.
  2. thanks,ive seen 21-23 inches but I think maybe that was for a spin doctor.
  3. I have a couple 7 inch newer tripleshot units and they are junk,on my 3rd transducer now,at 140 bucks a pop,ill never buy Lowrance again.try going with the 200 hertz tranducer setting and bump the gain up to 3/4 or more and turn up the noise control to clean up the screen,sometimes going to 2x zoom will help also.
  4. whats the common or recommended fly leader length behind a new style 11" pro troll fish/chip flasher.thanks
  5. headed up for a trip soon to Oswego.i only get up there twice a year,its a long drive.whats everyones best ff combo and spoons been this year for kings? be specific with names and colors please.i need all the help I can get! thanks
  6. I fished that dead zone around 9mile all that same weekend into weds and the fish had lockjaw.i ended up heading west to ford shoals to find cleaner colder water on the shoreline and finally found active fish.ended up with a big laker and a bunch of nice browns in 8-25ft of water.one color lead and a smithwick on church boards back 200ft did the trick.
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