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  1. Hey Bullet Bob. Did you sell that Johnson 28 yet ? I'm interested.
  2. Hello to all, and Tight Lines ! My Name is Dave, but I go by the nickname "Doc". I an a US Navy Veteran and was a Jet Mechanic as well as a P-3 Flight Engineer.('85-'94) Fishing is more of a passion or me than a sport/hobby. My boat is a Skeeter and its' Name; LuckyDawg Primarily fish for LMB/SMB but enjoy a good fight from a big Northern Pike. My P/B is 36" My current bucket list fish is a MUSKIE and will be on Lake CONESUS all next week looking for that. Anyone here around Conesus ? Wanna throw some good advice or wet a line one day ? Also would be willing to hire/pay a guide. Wishin you well. Thanks in Advance, and hope to see ya on the water soon. Dave D. [email protected]
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