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  1. Thank you. I was wondering about Roy’s Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Saw severance launch. Thanks for confirmation. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Staying this week on west side 6 miles down from Geneva. Best place to launch and park for a couple days is at North end? I’m a regular on canandaigua and Hemlock but first time on Seneca. Any points or spots to look out for? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Thanks for all the advice and sharing what comes from experience. I’m using solid wire which I inherited from my Dad who used it for wiring up car medallion jewelry for plating. I will keep in mind braided for sure and look out for Pfueger lures. The Sutton I prefer after trying a couple sizes is the 88 hammered. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. This book is a great read about Rainbow Trout https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300140880/entirely-synthetic-fish Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Right. So my question comes from the possibility that something could be airborne related to an algae bloom. But as Sk8man said, there is a lot of pollen, etc. in the air.
  7. Anyone else getting a sore throat after fishing? I’ve been on Hemlock about twice a week since spring. I also live in the Bristol Hills so it could be allergies. I did read that blooms have been reported on the north end. I always launch from the south but north winds have been common so I’m wondering about what could be in the air.
  8. I wrote a couple weeks back and have tried a couple different ways to reel copper wire. The extension cord reel in photo has worked best. I live in Naples and use Sutton spoons and fish Hemlock and Canandaigua Lakes. After a couple of outings and losing a few lures I’m getting the hang of it. The extension cord reel is held by a grip in the center. Your thumb can work as a drag and prevent slack and loose tangles. I did clip the swivel off the spoon and that seems to keep the hook up and off the bottom. Thanks for all the help!
  9. Could a manual downrigger be used For pulling copper wire? The downrigger reel holds the wire and no rod used. Or is there not enough drag sensitivity? I’ve never used a downrigger but have experience with a Seth Green rig. I am imagining all hand work once the wire is out then when hooked up manually reeling in with one hand on rig handle and the other hand cradling the wire while feeling for head shakes and letting wire back out from playing rig reel. I’ve been out once and have a big spool with several hundred feet of wire on it but it was hard to handle
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