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  1. Sorry but I have never fished a slider before and was going to try this year. Can you explain the set in the picture. It seems redundant in that you have 2 slider mechanisms. What is the purpose of the release?
  2. Okay I read For the Love of Copper Twice now, but this discussion prompted another question. Why are many in favor of in line boards rather than conventional pole mounted ones?
  3. Is all your copper off the back during summer or do you continue running off boards regardless? Do you run a spread of depths? Sorry to be so inquisitive.
  4. Wow ! There is a significant difference the deeper you go based on speed. Our poles are rigged with the 32lb copper. At 400 feet there seems to be a possible 40 feet difference in .5 mph.
  5. Thanks for the input. Appreciate it
  6. We are going to fish copper for the fist time this spring and fall. My question is how much backing beyond the copper do you let out in order to achieve the target depth? If you let more out will it go lower?
  7. Trying to prepare for some spring fishing out of Oak Orchard. Trying to get a sense of what is everyone's feeling is on running plugs verses metal?
  8. Friday the 9th was a perfect weather day on the lake out of Oak. Went out to the 29 line 550 fow not marking a lot but lost a good one at the boat. Most hits came on the riggers 80down on green and silver mag spoons. Picked up a hand full of shorts and had a few more releases without fish. Ran into 150 fow marking a lot of fish. Took one decent Brown but lost daylight. Woke up Sunday to a pretty stiff blow. Packed up and headed home to PA. Ill be in a tree stand this week but already spending money for fishing in my head.
  9. Nice fish. I appreciate the input. We're coming regardless. Weather doesn't look terrible. We'll give it a shot. Boats going away after this and Sitting in tree stands.
  10. I know I should be hunting but my buddy wants to fish one last time out of Oak for the year. Any reports or Tips. Should we not waste our time?
  11. Oak on the 9th weather permitting. We mostly always go out of Oak Orchard late August for fall and then weekend trips in the spring. I appreciate the help.
  12. Ok, I just need to see if I'm understanding Copper well enough after reading a ton on it. It sounds to me like I need a copper set up for every depth range possible. Is there one standard Copper set up for spring such as 100ft and one for fall 400ft. If I"m running it off a dipsy I have a little more versatility. If the fish are down @ 70fow can I just fish 300 with a 400 set up. Or am I over thinking this. Just trying to stay economical. Heading up out of Oak on the 9th for one last killing time trip. Any suggestions?
  13. Have a few days off. Is it worth it to fish this late?
  14. We went out of Oak Orchard and we are up for suggestions as to the best month. I fished Ontario years ago and the thought at the time was small spoons and stick baits for Browns on planner boards. I am assuming you can still target Kings and Steelhead in deeper water with the same tactics used in fall?
  15. Made our first trip to the lake in years with mixed results but not discouraged. Had all the gear we needed just short on some knowledge and luck. My question is what can I expect in the spring as far as fishing tactics? Same as fall just in closer? More stick baits? Flies? I would expect the fish are shallower. Any pointers appreciated.
  16. How far were your dipsy down? Copper?Caught a few not sure what we were doing wrong
  17. I have been reading some post about boats setting up at 28N or 32N. This i believe is a directional heading but am I missing something as far as a location?
  18. Thank you. It just arrived yesterday so I'll give it a shot if the fish are there.
  19. CCR Born on the Bayou PS and this has no water reference but a playlist isn't complete without FREEBIRD!
  20. Thanks Guys, We'll have to try both ways out and see what works. Spent a fortune on gear so hope we are prepared.
  21. Thanks a bunch, heading up for a week. Its been a while.
  22. Is it common to run spoons like this or do most run them without
  23. Another rookie question but … Do most guys run a flasher with spoons or bare?
  24. Another rookie question but … Do most guys run a flasher with spoons or bare?
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