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  1. On 8/28/2023 at 9:15 AM, rapala said:

    WANT TO CATCH THE BIG ONES?????  This worked for me many times!!!  I would start fishing at 10AM , most of the fishing boats are in at the docks.  I would  check out with them where they were fishing, how did it go . Than I would set up about a 1/2 mile deeper water.  The big ones are loaners and stay away from the pack where most of the fleet catch the easy ones .  SMALL ones.   Fish in 40 degree water, go  close to bottom like 5 to 10 feet  go as slow as you can, that your bait is working RIGHT. You might not catch alot of fish BUT the one you do catch ARE BIG.  The big ones like cold temp, they are big and fat and move slow,  you have to but bait right in front of them because they are lazy to get a easy meal.  I fished for 20 years on Ontario and in the marina  fished out of I was known to catch the big ones.  I fished by myself, it was nothing for me to have 3 slobs on at the same time. 

    The "Big Ones" sound like the guys I fish with..😆

  2. We fished the Oak monday morning, lines in the water by 630, winds were NW 10-15, waves 2-3s trolled east, air was warm.

    Then about 830 wind direction changed to NNE and picked up to 20-25, got cold and we were in 4s-5s

    We pulled everything in, 28 line, surfing 5s and 6s, not f-ing fun. One wave we surfed had to have been larger than 6, I let off the throttle to let that big SOB fall apart in front of us.

    Just posting this juices me up

    Got back to camp, cut what we caught, and by noon the sun was out, temperature was rising, the winds were dying off, when we left camp to go home at 330 the lake was flat..

    fished 2.5 days out of the 6 we were there, this time of the yr, winds should allow you to fish more than that. this yr and last 2 yrs have sucked.

    Next yr I might push the trip back to the week after Labor day.

    Anyhow, the group loves fishing for Kings. 

    Be safe out there

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Matt From Kingston said:

    super noob question here: I notice most people on here talk depth in foot of water when reporting where they are fishing, but people who post oak orchard reports talk about lines which i would have to assume(hopefully correctly) is latitude minutes. Just wondering why...

    Gives you precise location other than saying we fished so and so depth of water that could be anywhere..!

  4. 27 line to the shipping lane holds fish, good temp..

    BAM fly and SD is the hot setup so I'm told, if you don't have that try to get close. I do not have

    Spoons that worked were DW Glo Frog silver back, purple DW Glo Frog silver back and Moonshine Hulk UV 

    200,220,250 wire divers, 1.5 setting inside 3.5 outside 

    Riggers 70 and 80

    Seemed like we caught more short fish up high 

    Good luck..





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