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  1. 27 line to the shipping lane holds fish, good temp.. BAM fly and SD is the hot setup so I'm told, if you don't have that try to get close. I do not have Spoons that worked were DW Glo Frog silver back, purple DW Glo Frog silver back and Moonshine Hulk UV 200,220,250 wire divers, 1.5 setting inside 3.5 outside Riggers 70 and 80 Seemed like we caught more short fish up high Good luck..
  2. I wrote my phone number on my big boards with black magic marker.
  3. Whaler1, any updates on the new/replacement probe...??
  4. DW, what did you do with the whitefish...?? did you eat any..??
  5. Yepper, my brah has shrunk or my probe is getting bigger...😳 I wonder if Fish USA will just give me one..πŸ€”
  6. I'm kind of surprised this thread isn't over on general discussion I would have missed it completely if it wasn't for the alerts
  7. Whaler, how much is the new probe with a 25% discount?
  8. I hear that..!! I searched high and low on the interwebs looking for magnum dypies for months Jan/Feb finally Matt at Fish USA hooked me up with 5 blacks and 2 clears late March.. Thanks Matt. FWIW Jake at Fish USA is knowledgeable with taking Kings
  9. Congratulations GAMBLER on the new to you Salmon slayer..!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Nice Upgrade...!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  10. I would agree 100%.. I have the X4D I think, will check the box when I get home. Definitely a must have for Lake Ontario
  11. Who's got them...?? I picked up a pair of quad Muddy Creek rod holders... Hopefully mid season I will add Furuno Radar system.. Best to all this season.
  12. I was told the whitefish in Lake Erie eat plankton and were a different species of fish compared to lake simco. cannot fish for them with jigs or sonars. probably why i have never seen any at the dock. The guy that told me this works at a local tackle shop, informed me that if you are keeping them you might as well keep and eat sheepshead too Whitefish look like a great time battling on light tackle but if I cannot eat them i will pass fishing for them..
  13. He saw you and your exactly right he having enough time to make a minor adjustment and didn't. He is lucky it was you he ran into out there, untangling his equipment, son jumping in the water to put another plug in. Bailing your boat out twice. Many lake Erie guys I know would have cut his **** and been waiting for him at the dock. That CBC can FO in my book Pa or Ohio..?
  14. I must have missed that part about GL charters have the right of way in the "rules of the road" section of the training... Learn something new every day...
  15. Yep, widen them to 16" Aluminium 2" wide flat stock .125 thick shouldn't be to difficult to find maybe Lowe's. Drill and reassemble. A charter friend of mine gave me the tip
  16. Thanks for the report...πŸ‘ I'm hopefully fishing out of the Oak on the 8th 9th and 10th.. Weather permitting..
  17. Spread them, they are 12 " wide go 16" We've run 40 Oz of lead per side and they pull like barn doors.. Snubbers...?
  18. Reminds me of an old joke... The US spent million dollars to invent a pen that would write in space.. The Russians used a pencil.. I just wear long pants... Using sprays or lotions etc and guess what... It's on your lures, in your eyes, it's all over cuz ppl cannot forward think... I heard those flies have square teeth also... That's why their bite is so painful..
  19. I will be running 303Ds with 1000 ft of 7 strand.. I need rods to do the job...😐 What am I buying...?? Thanks for any direction
  20. Downspeed is most important.. If you cannot maintain a consistent downspeed it'll be a tough day on the lake
  21. I've always felt that the expansion of any government agency anywhere has not been beneficial to the supposed beneficiaries...
  22. Cuz fishing boats and boat trailers give me new material to talk about all the time...😁 Broken center bolt
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