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  1. Couple initial questions if I may...


    1.)  Is the recommendation to go with SeaStar helm pump and cylinder tee'd into an Autpilot pump and use the OEM hydraulics as a power assisted slave cylinder with main power on?


    2.) What negative effect is there in AP mode with the main power off and trolling with kicker? 


    3.) Is there any safety concerns operating in AP with the Main and needing to manually take control? 

  2. IDK: Being new to this type of fishing and trying to absorb as much knowledge as I could by reading as much as I could, I found I was starting to develop brain swell... For me, I took an opportunity to visit a descent tackle shop that had most of the brands and after really putting my hands on each of them, the instant comparison of cost, features and construction made my decision much easier.

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  3. Have done some reading and wondered what the experienced folks say about the need for fluorocarbon leaders. Seems like there are more benefits to keeping it simple with mono, especially with a wire diver.


    If you don’t mind, can you please be specific about your reasons as I would really like to understand the thinking.



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