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  1. I hope to do the same this coming week with my son and daughter (27 and 20) Got a house on 7th lake for the week. Never fished the lake but hope to find some Landlocks or bows. Want to hike in to Bug Lake for some shore fishing, I hear its one of like two spots in NY to catch Kokanee salmon... we'll see!


  2. I do know for a fact that anyone that charges a fee to guide over bait and has been caught and convicted more than once is no sportsmen, no conservator and deserves no respect in a forum such as this... period, end of conversation.    Edit: I have to add that as a sportsman, if I found out a guide keyed me in on game, any game that was baited I would be pissed and demand my money back for the entire trip.


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  3. 11 minutes ago, chinook35 said:

    Dredging is not complete and was halted by the US fish and wildlife service due to the presence of the piping plover that decision is being appealed by the local residents. It is now passable but very narrow

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    Thats a tough call...there was only like 6,000 of these birds left at last count.  Maybe another dredging method?


  4. 54 minutes ago, CopperJohn said:

    Years ago when DEC first got permission to oil the eggs of cormorants, they reported on their website the work they where doing, oiled  X thousand eggs on this island at a cost of y thousand dollars,  they reported this for each island except one island had no nesting cormorants on it but they observed a raccoon on the island. I commented about the report on a thread at the time, DEC removed the reports.


    I don’t know if a raccoon swam out to the island or a good old boy dumped one out of a live trap but it reduced the cormorant nesting on the lake.


    If DEC made an agreement with local animal control officers in the Henderson Harbor area to put a raccoon on selected islands they could effectively reduce the cormorant population and save taxpayers x thousands of dollars.

    Sounds viable to me , worth looking into!

  5. "Rounded head" Bowfin .... They also have a typical size anal fin, a Snakeheads anal fin is long. and their head is shaped more like a pike or pickerel with a wider mouth. As far as I know Snakeheads are still confined to a couple of spots outside New York City ???

  6. On 5/18/2021 at 3:55 PM, Lewis863 said:

    The Auxiliary is resuming inspections by appointment for the season.  The first date available will be Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  I will be doing them at Treman Marina if you are interested let me know and I will book an appointment for you.  I'm starting at 2PM Sunday in 20 minute increments.


    Just PM me if you want it done.




    PS: Two new big changes... Briannas Law  you need to have a boaters safety card, and if your boat is equipped with a cutoff you must use it on Federal waters which includes Cayuga, Seneca, Oneida.


    Safe Boating.

    Is the cutoff reg only for speeds above 5mph ? In other words not while trolling? ...   Edit   ***  Sorry, did not see the trolling speed post

  7. 41 minutes ago, stoneam2006 said:

    I'm a welder and machinist by trade. Been a machinist for the last 10 years here and Currently running and programing a 5 axis CNC mill. Have run alot of mill machines manuals and cnc. Before this I worked as an aluminum welder mig and tig. But have welded most normal materials. I really like the idea of machine maintenance career.

    Bc of the way they are closing the shop I have the chance to go back to school for free and pick up another degree to add to the welding and machining degrees. Have toyed with the idea of HVAV or electrical. And Possibly grabbing my CDL and captains licenses as well.

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    All good trades... you should not have much trouble finding something you are happy with. You should check with Lockheed Martin in Syracuse and see if they have something up your alley. Great pay and benefits and there are a lot of great locations for both family and fishing within 30  minutes.

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