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  1. Yessir Thanks! Thats a beauty of a vessel you got there captain! I see you are listing as Sterling and Oswego. I built a home just outside of Fair Haven and lived there 25 years. The drive to East Syracuse and back got to me and sold to move closer to my work. That two sometimes three hour trip through Lake effect and then having to plow my 600' driveway after a 10 hour workday just wore me down... Proud to share the name with you, be well.

  2. 3 hours ago, Lightbringer said:

    Check out the spoon crank boxes Doug sells (username dhm), there's a classifieds listing not too many posts ago. Basically the same storage idea, more flexibility and a local business. Pretty positive feedback from what I've seen too!

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    They look like solid boxes but I dont think its much deeper than 6"...7" at the most. I would like to know myself.


  3. 5 hours ago, Rookie Fisherman said:

    Dude you gotta change your boat name:rofl: Just Kidding.


    My Buddies boat was named Bad Influence... we had a ton of great times on that rig with too many stories to remember. I purchased a new boat last year and the week I had it delivered he passed from a stroke. Had to name her "Bad Influence II" in his memory. That dude would fish in February whiteouts...I have never seen a boat named Bad Influence, let alone Bad Influence II !!! Thats crazy...


  4. I am switching one setup to 80# braid this season only because several comments have posted that it picks up way fewer fleas... gonna run it and find out. I hate stripping fleas, dont we all.




  5. I was wondering about the swimmer thing myself...why wouldnt they?

    Update: I guess they have been known to grab onto the occasional swimmer but are easily yanked 

    off. They do most of their "damage" when attached for long periods. I am guessing having 3 or 4 

    trying to latch onto you while swimming would be pretty damn unpleasant though!


    Note to self...No swimming in Seneca lake this coming season.


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