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  1. King Davy, I've been reading everything you say. I will say, you seem to be the voice of reason on here. I do have to say considering this is an entirely man made fishery the dec does a fantastic job managing this fishery. I've fished all over and I would consider there work probably the most superior in fish management and stocking In our country. That said. If they need help clipping adipose fins all they need to do is ask. I'm sure alot of guys get there regular emails like I do. I live 15 minutes from the hatchery and would be more then willing to help as I'd bet others would too. As for the garbage all up and down the river the mass majority seems to come mostly from the salmon crowd. I've also noticed the majority of that garbage is coming from the heavy drinkers of that crowd. I know guys arent gonna like this but if an open container law for the river were issued it would help alot. A few years ago mid week I fished the bovine. I always have a garbage bag in my gear. That particular day I picked up 100s of beer cans. One pile had over 40 cans alone. How else do we deal with that? Any ideas. I did come out here to guide with an uncle who passed away after I bought my place before I moved here. I decided not to guide here at all due to the ugliness of the salmon fishery on this river. The disrespect to the fish alone makes me sick to see. I still disagree with the legality of the DSR but I fully understand why the land owners did it.
  2. Tuffishooker, it took me several months at a few hours here and there. It really depends on what has to be done and how far you get into it. Full interior ,cabin ceilings, cabin wall, floors ,sides, and transom it will take around $2000. In materials. More if you seal the inside and put new foam in it witch I would recommend. In total I'd guess 10 days labor give or take depending on the person doing the work. If you are stripping, painting, and doing body work I'd add another 5 or 6 days. Add a day for wiring repairs dash cluster fishfinder etc. Motor : tune up, plugs,wires,oil and filter, fuel filter, thermostats, impeller add another day. That's a rough idea of what the time will be. I'm trying to be realistic so your not in shock with how long things may actually take. Hope this helps.
  3. Most people out here dont realize the salmon river has more fish then the western rivers. I was dumbfounded at the amount of people lining the banks here my first time. Out west your happy to see another guy and help each other catch fish but for every 1 fish on a western river you have hundreds here. Also the amazing sizes of the steelhead and coho here are unreal. Out west a big coho is 8lbs and my biggest steelhead there was 16 here its 22. As for the kings out west the reason they get bigger is sometimes they will run up the river and for what ever reason turn around and go back out to the Pacific for another year or 3. Here they really dont get that chance. That's why the monster kings of the west coast can be aged 4 to 6 years old. I dont fish for the salmon in the river either I constantly break them off the moment I hook them. I'm a steelhead / trout / smallmouth guy. When your from out west it's just hard to comprehend somone can own fishing rites moreless the river itself especially on a publicly stocked body of water.
  4. I understand what your saying but what I'm trying to say is how is this river different from say the east or west branch of the deleware. So again under this logic you cant legally fish most of the upper deleware. There are tons of private landowners there. You do seem to know what I'm talking about because you realize the law of the rest of the country is high water mark, high tide mark, or top of wave slope. I understand a place were there is no access but there you can access the water from the BH ,the pipeline, the dec land at the bottom or come up from the estuary. Since I've lived here I've seen places that had fishing rites become private. For instance off of Jerry look road and off of the east branch of the salmon river and a piece of the black river by boonville. This is a slippery slope and unfortunately we are sliding down it.
  5. I did it in my free time. A few hours here and there. I didnt track my time but I have alot of time in it. I actually did 2 other boats this year for people. They were alot easier because they were split windshiels and literally used 1/3 of all materials. I did the interiors and transoms no paint 5 days each. The islanders cabin sucked up alot more materials and time especially being it had no interior to begin with I built everything from scratch. Thanks for recognizing the time aspect only guys that have done there own work realize it.
  6. I understand the garbage issue and I myself pick up lots of stuff but from the logic they own under the water that would mean when you fish along the edges of any lake with private property in ny your trespassing and cant legally fish. I can understand the banks being illegal but anywhere else in our country navicable waters can legally be fished. And you can float a boat from altmar all the way to the atlantic ocean.
  7. That also included going over the motor new stator,trigger,CD, plugs,impeller and a couple other odds and ends.
  8. Yes the boat was included I should have specified that a little better. So in reality 5000 should get it done.
  9. Trolling motor and 2 36volt batt banks with charger alone were around 3500 give or take. Dont have the receipts in front of me.
  10. Does the motor run? If so an oil change and tune up, fuel filter and most important change the impeller. 4.3 is a pretty dependable motor.
  11. I rebuilt mine 3 years ago. Stripped it completely down to aluiminum even removed all glass. New transom ,floors hatches sides, cabin wall, vinyl, carpet, paint,wiring,fuel filler and vent lines,wiring, the works. Dont cheap out on anything or you will be sorry. I used mid grade carpet because I had so much money into it. Now the carpet has bleached and started breaking down. A complete rebuild done yourself will be around 10,000 using all quality stuff. Here's a few pics ,the seats have since been replaced.
  12. I researched the ruling on the legality of the DSR. It's a joke. They threw out an existing precedent from a ruling in Rochester that you cant own the river. And to make it worse they ruled kyackers can float anywhere and Portage over private property off the water and cant be stopped. The corruption in this is obvious. I'm a Republican and I would never vote for him either.
  13. I agree that the fishery should be closed at some point. I live in redfield and fish the river 60 days a year or more. I came from the west coast 10 yrs ago and out there when water flows go below a minimum level the rivers are shut down to fishing. In my opinion the salmon river should be shut down anytime the water flows drop below 750 after sept 1st thru nov.15th to allow all the salmon species especially the Atlantic's a fighting chance to make it thru the swatters. I also notice alot of the people cant tell the difference between steelhead and coho, or Atlantic's and browns. I see illegal fish kept every time I fish (yes I'm the **** that says something to those idiots). Its funny because I notice when I speak up other guys around me will back it up but most people dont say ****. SPEAK UP. When they show up at the fillet stations with illegal fish they should get reported. I hate regulations but they are necessary for reasons like this. I think it should be mandatory they are turned in by the fillet stations. Maybe it is I dont keep trout or salmon I put them all back so i dont know.
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