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  1. Just ordered a Humminbird Helix 7 SI DI with nav maps. Anyone have any experience running this unit on Cayuga and if so thoughts? I struggled with the decision on whether side imaging would be worth it while trolling for Lakers and salmon I've always just used a standard Lowrance fish finder but decided to splurge. If not SI what about DI?Figured it would come in handy on Oneida for perch and walleye. Also have you used it for marking waypoints to start your next trolling route and is it easy to scroll back between maps and side imaging? I really probably should have checked one out before purchase..........
  2. I saw the same thing in Columbia for sturgeon off the nukes and in Tampa bay for the cobia in the winter. That many boats in the 80s-90s would be quadrupled in todays numbers. yikes.
  3. Typically there is a return temp limit for discharging into streams and rivers. Do they not follow this protocol? That is terrible and sounds like a serious violation. I'm not advocating for this plant this nor trying to be a troll. There is just so much disinformation when it comes to power generation you have to be careful. In my town they blame my plant for hurting the fishing for using the river for cooling water when we are air cooled condensers and use no water from the river.
  4. i was just interested as i work at a natural gas plant here in PA. Prior to this i was involved in two other coal plant conversions to natural gas, Typically its relatively clean with all the exhaust monitoring and scrubbing that goes along with the conversions especially when compared to coal. Not wanting a political war was just curious if it was the air pollution, cooling water, runoff, or another factor/prior violations that cause the concerns and hurts the fishing Just trying to learn. I'm somewhat new to fishing the finger lakes but have been in natural gas power generation for 10 years now. Typically your trying to get as much heat output out of natural gas as possible for either running your turbine or feeding a boiler or HRSG for in combined cycle within the confines of exhaust monitoring and sampling. Dumping natural gas to atmosphere is waste of money. I need to read up on the whole bitcoin miner issue. As far as resources go New York said no to natural gas drilling the last i heard. New York does some surface wells but a majority of New York's natural gas comes from the marcellus shale region of PA via pipelines. Just an FYI!
  5. Fishing like a drug you have to fill with a species sooner or later.....
  6. During flea season its best to use 4x8 sheet of plywood to hold em down.............
  7. New to site been a lurker for a few years. Decided to join and give back from some of the knowledge i have received. I am a west coast salmon guy with experience on Columbia River out to buoy 10, Puget sound and out past strawberry rock in the San Juan's. Mainly downriggers and fathom master/deep sixes. Salmon, sturgeon, walleye, and haibut. Been learning from this site about Cayuga mainly and some other finger lakes and seeing the differences in west/east trolling methods has been a lot of fun. Hi to all and look forward to seeing you on water. I have a 21' Red Willie Raptor so if you see me swing in and say hi. Just a little introduction now to the good stuff. Fished out of Ithaca Alan Treman marine. Arrived at 0700 to a balmy 20 degrees. Water was skinny with about 1.5 -2' out past docks. Used kicker to get out. Be careful pretty shallow however waters come up 1' since Saturday (380') last i saw it up 381" and some change.. Surface water temp was 34.5 - 41 degrees. Piss whole froze up took me a minute to realize it was just froze on main motor and after 10 minutes started discharging always a good feeling. Trolled east and west 25-100" shore right out of Ithaca, barley any bait few signs of life. Missed one on west shore. Strolled up to salt plant and Myers light house caught one 5 lbs. brown 25' 5 color lead core on silver/orange stinger. Lots more bait more fish lost another one and went home. Not much traffic. Was running 2 lead cores, two dipseys and two planners covering 40" on up concentrating on shallows and docks. Sticks and spoons fished 4 hours 1/3 on fish it was a gorgeous day. Funny thing one poor soul was coming back into canal as we were heading out and asked us how to get mud out of his new Evinrude. OUCH! Ive been wondering if it was just his tell tale frozen. Was a new Alumacraft with 150 or so Evinrude. Also went left at wall instead of right. Anyone want to own up to it? LOL
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