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  1. I launched their last spring and got stuck on that bar. Always takes me a minute to figure out why i'm not moving. A big issue with Deans is with all the drive in and out its mucked up so good silt and muck plugged water intake on honda so people be wary and check your discharge...............seems we can figure out how to install kiosk everywhere but not how to handle 4' water changes. i was gonna launch at Union Springs but changed mind at last minute. Anyone use Union Springs or Longs point this weekend?
  2. Figured with nice weather coming and guys being curious as i was id snap a shot of launch. I was told plenty of water by friends and failed to check water level which had dropped a lot since beginning February so got a surprise when i hit launch. Manage to get out but had most of truck in water. I had 1.6' floating to 2' at rock cut. This was in a 21' willie raptor. This would be at 380.5 or so going off cayuga water chart. FYI
  3. Hmmm your current setup sounds like it should put fish in boat. I would suggest a change in location or presentation issue. I run a Jackson big tuna and my favorite kayak water is cannonsville reservoir. Do some homework before you go but in my humble opinion the best kayak water in New York. Small crowds due to the extra steam cleaning, lack of launches ( walk ins only), extra permitting and its a row boat/kayak only BIG MFING lake but well worth it. Your 12' is perfect setup but be careful as its a big lake and you don't see to many people if you needed help. Can be a wind tunnel but that's everywhere. I see your in a sit in and a self rescue can be more difficult then sit on. ADDING A RUDDER TO YOUR SETUP WILL GREATLY AID YOU IN TROLLING IN WIND AND DISPEYS on all bodies of water. Doesn't have to be store bought or even foot controlled something to keep you in straight line. I normally run lead core, spoon and sticks. I've seen a few running corks and alewives but live baits a pain. If trout aren't biting the green carp (smallmouth) are everywhere on the rocks. Pan fish are my secret you'll have to find your own lol. Visibility is up to 20' but rains will change it. I actually think the alternating paddling strokes help with trolling over an electric or kicker motor giving bait presentations a more erratic action. With a rudder you can play with stroke timing more as your not fighting to keep boat on course. Put a lure on the side of your boat and watch it as you paddle to see the different actions you can do with different stroke counts. Again do your homework plenty of information on it with launch options. You'll have to carry in your kayak no true launches but walk in spots. Check before you go it normally closes in October. My kayaks 120 lbs loaded so i run wheels as the walk in spots are a ways off the road. Hope this helps .................
  4. My favorite tried and true method is to have binoculars on your boat and look for the guys sitting stationary hooping and hollering cranking in fish. I then motor over and tie up to their boat and proceed to fish................works every time! Offering a cold refreshment alleviates any ill will most of the time. To be serious trusting your equipment and identifying the bait and Lakers feeding on bottom is what I've found works best for me. More time finding and less time jigging dead water. I started using a new fish finder and sometimes its just an empty screen. I thought it was broke and couldn't get anymore sensitivity out of it until i started finding real marks. I had a really old Lowrance that no matter where i went i would always mark fish. With the new fish finder its really put more confidence for me marking true marks of bait and fish and less erroneous readings. I have more willingness now to do a bit more time looking and searching for bait and fish before wetting a line. I usually run out and mark 3 or 4 good spots. I then try to put a time limit 30 minutes or so on a location which can be hard when you know they just aren't biting but again finding active fish will load a boat faster.
  5. Not sure where your located i know Tackle Shack in Wellsboro PA has had em in past....................
  6. Anyone been out, how bad is debris, water clarity, boat launches, etc etc lookin to go to Deans next few days......................
  7. Might be more action trolling at local tavern..........Good luck!
  8. You cant beat the Pacific Northwest in all welded aluminum rigs. Hewes, alumaweld, duckworth, willies, north rivers, thunder jet, snake river, rogue etc etc the list goes on and on............
  9. I was just pickin i had friends up in 3 of the boats Saturday. It seems fishermen can completely disappear from the internet for posting to many perch or Oneida walleye reports. 😁
  10. A laker report while perch fishing but no perch fishing report?😎
  11. Thats really cool. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Not to make light of a serious situation but i think Handy Andy has his hands full of other more attractive matters.....
  13. When you are using side or down imaging in shallow trolling does the screen just go black when you get past 125'? I thought SI would not be worth it while trolling but DI to......this thing probably gonna be a $700 flasher.....
  14. I fished and duck hunted lake almanore one of my all time favorites! Chico was fun to party in! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. You'd think after the whole Texas power grid shutting down due to freeze and plants not being able to black start there would be more attention to this. Yikes.
  16. https://energycentral.com/c/em/cryptocurrency-mining-loads-causing-problems-around-globe.......
  17. Its doesn't matter its like talking to peta or green peace..... Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. What turbine are they running? Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. The post above did..... Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. What turbine are they running GE, Siemens or mitsubishi? Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Excellent post Roy Boys even though we bring different opinions it brings light to the subject! Love it! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Hundreds of jobs no way my 850 mw plant only employs 35 Full time plus outages in spring and fall with 200-300 contractors for support. This was a 200 mw facility in coal days and now around 109 converted to gas turbine plus 20 mws for computers. Cooling all the computers has to be high discharge temp. Its not walk away technology there will always be maintenance they are looking at increasing mega watts to 500 plus by 2025 my guess would be new york taxes will chase em out. Bitcoin computers need cheap cooling from what I've read. Tax incentive? Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Launched my 21 footer out Allan Treman marine park last Sunday waters come up a bit since then it was shallow but doable. May be to far south for you. I was thinking about fishing it to Saturday winds on Friday showing gusts up to 40mph. Hoping they don't carry into Saturday.
  24. Agreed this part of it sounds dirtier than the discharge.......
  25. My point is your water and air are not any cleaner hence alga blooms and a power plant opening up is the easiest thing to point the blame when the real reason is all of the other pollution such as runoff we want to look past. I fish Erie and walnut creek its 4.5 hour drive vs 1.5 to Cayuga and an 1 hour to Seneca. I fish a jet boat on the Susquehanna as well and ice fish all year. I also fish Tioga/Hammond and Cowansque. As well as Oneida and Cannonsville. I have not fished the Allegheny but would like to wanna go? New york is 15.7% water vs PA 2.8%. Smaller state easier to get to all that super clean water LOL. I will get of my computer as this conversation is detracting from original poster sorry you took offense. Look at some of Washington states policies on stream pollutants and runoff issues affecting salmon and trout fisheries spawning locations for a good read.
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