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  1. 53 minutes ago, schreckstoff said:



    Here's what the layer can look like at night on a graph.  This was south of sunken island (thank you Captain Bliss for teaching me about this area!), in 2016, and was mostly Cisco from the 2014 year class.

    Ok, I’m tracking, know what I’m looking out now, thanks. 

  2. Was cruising around for fun other night and stopped at 80’ north of Galoo Island and just putted along and was marking tons of fish on that contour holding close to bottom. Screen was loaded the whole time. Can anyone guess from the picture what these could have been? Looks like bottom was temp was ~65. 




  3. Blowback is kicking my butt. Salmon fishing is a small part of my life so I still use hand cranks so I am limiting myself to 12lb wts so I want to go to 150# PP to try and solve this. My question is, can I just tie into my existing cable just in case fleas get nuts and want to revert back to cable for a short time? Also, terminal gear for PP is just a heavy duty swivel, right? Thanks for any insights. 

  4. I’ve caught them in Cape Vincent trolling eyes  in August. I presume these are just lost fish. However, I remember a guy saying that it was a repeatable occurrence every fall that a pod of fish would show up in the cape area every fall near the Canadian ferry port for a short timeframe, but that is very likely to be a huge crock of fairy tales. 

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