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  1. Anybody know if Hughes is deep enough to launch right now? Haven't fished the lake in a few months but understand levels are pretty low
  2. Slate color. Excellent condition lightly used. Comes with pouch. Asking $425
  3. Thanks man I do a lot of open water jigging for them. But I agree they were lazy and had same frustration. Our best action was dead sticking the niagra on a jig with a jaw jacker right off the bottom.
  4. Fished today got out onto deep water (87ft) around 1230 and fished till 4. Iced 3 lakers and lost about 4. Had many followers and marked plenty. A few on the tube bait and the others were on a jig head with a larger niagra. Used large rattle bait and pounded it on the bottom for a few minutes to bring them in then dropped the jig on them. Overall they seemed to be finicky. Some were willing to chase but didn't want to commit. They seem to get use to a certain bait quick so you got to switch it up and keep them interested. Was my first time fishing out there. Hope this helps someone.
  5. Appreciate the input guys. Heading out monday. I think drilling holes until marking fish is my plan. May stay on north end starting deep and working shallow. Will give report if I make it out.
  6. Is there solid laker fishing to be had here? I have a fish finder/flasher and all the right baits for lake trout. Willing to hike miles back. Not sure if better off coming in from south end or north end. Willing to give it a solid try but havnt been too encouraged by recent reports. Any tips would be appreciated.
  7. Im not sure which is the model number if there even is one, its not too specific on the box. Its a brand new Nav+ East region card. All you need to know is the model of the unit you want to use it with to see if its compatible. What unit did you have in mind or plan to use it with?
  8. Its compatible with any major brand besides Garmin. It just depends on what model unit you have to see if its compatible
  9. Navionics + East Region map card. Brand new and has the most up to date mapping for Navigation, Sonar charts and Community Edits (just upgraded yesterday) comes with I free year of upgrades. Covers Lake Ontario, Finger lakes and beyond. Selling because not compatible with my unit. $125 takes it. You would be paying $150 plus tax at the store. Located in Rochester, NY.
  10. Upgraded Boca bearings. Like new condition. $175
  11. Great condition. Lightly used. $175
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