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  1. Has a date been set for the LOU-All Cayuga Cup this year? These two boys have had this trophy sitting at the house for 2 years and are anxious to try for a three-peat on our new boat! We would like to see it on a Sunday this year so that we don't have to cut our fishing day 3 hours short for baseball like we had to last year. July 13, 20, and 27 work for us at this point as do most Sundays in August.
  2. I think you may be right Sk8man. There's probably some wiggle room between the backer and the sides of the gunnels. I'll look into having a full width aluminum plate made and put that under the backer that we already have in place. I;m also afraid that mounting the riggers on the tracks like we have them is compounding the problem. I have some 12 lb weights and will try those to see how much of a difference that makes too. Tom, the backing extends 5' under the tracks, but doesn't go much more than a few inches beyond each end of the tracks. We just couldn't get a longer piece in there without taking the side panels off of the boat. Here's how I have the boat set up now:
  3. I should clarify - its not flexing where we have backer under the tracks. It flexes rear of the tracks.
  4. It doesn't flex much but like I said, I'm used to zero flex whatsoever on my Penn Yan. I can't see how steel, aluminum, or even titanium will keep it from flexing. There's just bare aluminum on the sides of the gunnels and no amount of backer is going to keep it from oil canning.
  5. It's not the wood that's flexing. It's the aluminum gunnels. I could put 6" of wood under the tracks and the aluminum would still flex. It's a pretty poor design. The gunnels are shaped like an upside down rain gutter. All Lund did was put wood up inside the top of the gunnel and left the sides of the gunnels as bare aluminum.
  6. I have a 2002 Lund Baron and mounted tracks on it recently and backed it with 3/4" oak. We're still getting some flexing even with 5' of oak (through bolted with 2" fender washers) under the tracks. I love the boat overall but I'm not very impressed with how Lund built the gunnels on this boat. Theres really no structure under them other than the 3/4" pmywood that they put in when it was built. What are you Lund owners doing to re-inforce the gunnels on your boats so that they don't flex when a rigger is deployed? We typically run 16lb weights and the gunnels flex more than I'm comfortable with when we have them out. Maybe it's just because I'm used to a heavy fiberglass boat and a rock solid platform for my riggers and I just have to get used to aluminum? There's an awful lot of paper thin aluminum in the gunnels and no real structure to tie into. Any suggestions?
  7. They're awesome. These will be the last swivel bases you ever put on your downriggers. They're bomb-proof.
  8. I have one Cannon Stainless Steel Fixed Mount Base for sale. $75. Fits Cannon large body electric riggers (old style). Buyer to pick up in Ithaca, NY or pay actual shipping costs. PM me here.
  9. I have two Cannon Stainless Steel Low Profile Swivel Bases. $125 each. Buyer to pick up locally in Ithaca NY or pay actual shipping costs. PM me here.
  10. I have two Cannon Flush Mount Power Ports. Still in the package. $25 for both. Buyer to pick up in Ithaca, NY or pay actual shipping costs. PM me here.
  11. I have one Cannon spare spool for sale. Brand new. $15. Buyer to pick up in Ithaca, NY or pay actual shipping costs. PM me here.
  12. I have one Cannon Tournament Series stainless steel spool with 400' of cable on it. Brand new, never used. $50. Buyer to pick up in Ithaca, NY or pay actual shipping costs. PM me here.
  13. Humminbird Transducer Cable - AS SI DB Y Side Imaging and Dual Beam Transducer Y cable splitter. $30. PM me here. Buyer to pick up in Ithaca, NY or pay shipping costs.
  14. I have 7 Cannon low profile swivel bases for sale. All new. PM me here. $50 each, buyer to pick up locally in Ithaca, NY or pay actual shipping costs.
  15. I just put a Terrova 112 with iPilot Link and a Humminbird 999 on my Lund Baron. We should have the boat in the water in a week or so and I'll be sure to post how we like it and how we've been using it. I'm pretty excited to use it after reading all about how much you guys like your iPilots!
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