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  1. The cup stays with the Billy V boys again this year - back to back Jack! We had a fantastic lake trout bite today but struggled to find the quality silvers we've been on for the last few weeks. Heard some Seneca lake boys taking cheap shots at our Cayuga lake fishery on the VHF radio. Maybe they ought to ask my kids for some advice on how to catch the big ones that we have here!
  2. Give the double surgeons knot a try. Simple to tie and had proven to hold up to even the kings on the big lake. It's all we use.
  3. We tie a double surgeon's knot when leadering down and I don't recall it ever failing. Premium fluoro like some mentioned above is the way to go.
  4. Blood Run and Berkley Professional fluoro are great stuff and never just break. I wouldn't use Vanish if they paid me to. Like Paul said, make sure you wet the knot liberally before tightening and it'll hold up better than straight mono and you'll also catch more fish.
  5. I have an all black Stokerized double Nucleus for sale. It has been gently used but is in very nice condition. $175. I also have a pair of Stokerized Revolvers for sale. They were literally on my bow once and are as good as brand new. I'd like to sell the pair together if possible. MSRP on this pair is $450. I'll let them go for $350. One is 36" and the other is 12". And finally I have a very lightly used Axcel Armortech HD for sale. Sight is in excellent condition. 4 pin, .019. $150. Email me at [email protected] or PM me here. Buyer to pick up locally in Ithaca, NY or pay shipping costs.
  6. Prefect for brown trout fishing or the Finger lakes - let's get 'em sold!
  7. The Fast-Trac on Elmira Rd. in Ithaca has had it for over a year now too.
  8. Screen was loaded with them on the bottom in 120-150 by mid-morning Alec. It was a really good bite.
  9. Today we fished mid-lake and found a bunch of willing lakers in 120-150FOW. The DW SuperSlim Feelin' Irie and Green Eye Glow Ghost spoons were the hot ticket when fished near bottom from our Cannon's at 1.4-1.6 mph. We also ran wire divers down deep pulling flasher/fly combos but only took one fish on those. We had a bunch of cores up higher in the water column targeting silvers and the only one that consistently took fish was an 8 color pulling a SuperSlim Seasick Waddler. We boated a really beautiful rainbow off of it and put it back for another day. All of the others cores we had out rotted all day. We had a line that we were working on the east side and on each pass we would take 4 or 5 fish, and that pace kept up for the entire morning. Not a bad way to spend Father's Day!
  10. I have 6 Daiwa HLD-KN862L rods for sale. 8'6", 4-8lb, 2 piece, 10 guides, light action. 5 of them are gently used and in great shape and one is brand new still in the plastic. We've been using them for rigger and planer board rods on Cayuga Lake for the past year. These retail for $64.99 but you can find them online for about $55 new. http://www.fishusa.com/Product/Daiwa-Heartland-HLD-Trolling-Rods Want to sell the whole lot together for $210. Buyer to pick up locally in Ithaca or pay actual shipping costs. PM me here or email me at [email protected] or call me at 607-592-9012.
  11. We're in and looking forward to it!
  12. I'd like to see it on a Sunday. My boys both play baseball all summer and would like to defend their title this year without disrupting their ball team. July 7, 14, and 21 are all good for us.
  13. Thanks Rod. Hopefully they stay interested and in a few years we'll have a legit tournament team again and will be back up on the big lake getting after it with you guys!
  14. Jay and I took my boys William and Ben out for a morning of derby fishing today. We left the dock at about 6am and headed north of Myers. The boys had their game faces on and were ready to whack a few fish! Our goal was to see if we could get one of the boys a fish for the leader board, so we put them to work in the back of the boat all morning and told them that if they want it they have to earn it. They both put in lots of effort reeling in fish, helping clean up the floor after a fish hit the deck, picking out new lures when we needed to make a change, and re-setting lines. Of course they both also got a good nap in when the bite slowed later in the morning! We had a good bite for the first couple of hours and then it settled into a steady pick until we called it a day at about noon. We primarily targeted 100-150 FOW up near Milliken and spread our gear from the surface all the way to the bottom in the hopes that we could find a lunker or two. Today was all about spoons with a NK Die Hard and the Dreamweaver Super Slim Feelin' Irie and Seasick Waddler taking most of the bites when fished off of our Cannon's down at varying depths from 65-120' depending on where we were. We didn't find the larger lakers that we had hoped for - they were mostly 2-3lb'ers, but we did find a good pod of LL's that wanted to play, and we also took a beautiful brown. When the boys were sleeping I had two Altantics on one stick bait at once today - that was fun until the larger of the two came off and I was left with the smaller one. Those two fish hit a Green/White Jr Thunderstick fished off of a planer board. Ben's 4.9lb brown took a Dreamweaver Super Slim Seasick Waddler fished off of a 6 color core. Not bad for an 8 year old! William took this 3.7lb Atlantic on a DW Superslim Feelin' Irie fished off of our deep rigger - 120' of cable out - go figure. At the end of the day the boys were happy to see that they had both put fish on the board in the Youth division, with William taking third and Benjamin placing second with his brown. Ben's brown was big enough that it would've tied for 4th in the adult "B" division had he been a few years older. We had a great time together today. Many thanks to Barney and Bear for putting together this fun event, and congratulations to all of those who placed in the derby.
  15. We caught one brown too - our 5th of the year - and put him back. I talked to Dave Storm at KABOOM and he is still in business, but is basically just selling through whatever inventory he has left, and is only selling to individuals and charter boats through his website. He is not actively selling to retail stores any more - too bad because his stick baits are great stuff.
  16. Today we got the members of our tournament team together for a morning of rod handling practice. We made a left out of the chute at Myers at 6:00am and started setting up in the bay south of the point. Much like Fish-On's report from the day before we had the first rod fire before we were set up and William was into a good fish. We were working deeper water (60-120FOW) on our troll south along the east shore and that's where we found most of today's better fish. We spent some time in closer and ran the boards up close to the beach and we found more bites in there but they were definitely smaller than the fish outside of them in the deep water so we slid back out for a little bit slower, but more fun bite. Even with the "slower" bite we still managed several doubles and tallied nearly 30 bites by the time that we called it a day at 11:00am. Temps were pretty consistent everywhere we trolled this am - 48-50ish degrees on the surface. We worked our way down past Esty hill and then turned around and trolled back up the same side all the way to Myers. Riggers took most of the better Altantics - down 5'-35'. Best spoons were the DW Super Slim Sea Sick Waddler, Green Gator, and 42nd Spoon. Stick baits fished off of the boards took the most shots and we were running a couple of deeper diving sticks that took better fish. That KABOOM Goby stick continues to be one of our hottest baits and I'm glad that I have several of them left as they're not made any more. We also broke in the newest member of the team today - our 15 month old Brittany named Bailey. She did great on the boat today and should become a pretty regular member of the squad when we're not out chartering.
  17. Thanks for puttin' em back. We'll be out with my kids tomorrow to see if they can whoop up on 'em too!
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