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  1. Both are great companies, and I agree with Brian on the Raymarine products. Most guys running Raymarine have had issues in the past. I will say the one thing that separates Garmin and SIMRAD is their customer service. Garmin is hands down the best in the business with customer service. SIMRAD, or NAVICO which is the parent company, is one of the worst and has been for years. Although, they have gotten better in the last year or two. Let me know what models you're looking for and I can get you a quote on them. As far as performance goes both are equally as good.

  2. My 6th:

    Our clients this morning were a little late. We didn’t push off the dock until 7am. When we got to the fishing grounds it was crowded! We had a tough time finding a spot to set down in, but we eventually got far enough West and it opened up.


    Our program today was strictly spoons. On our Cannon Downriggers we ran mags on the main lines and regular sized spoons on the free sliders. UV Mongolian Beef was our best spoon. Sea Sick Waddler was responsible for a few deaths as well. Our DW Deeper Divers were run out 200-225’ on a 2 setting with DW mags. Lazer Spook on one side and Martel on the other. As for the junk Lines. One board ran a pair of 10 color FishUSA Stealthcore rods while the other side ran a pair of 300’ A-TOM-MIK coppers. The copper was going well. Parked on those were DWs Gold 42nd and a Green/Glow mag.


    Our big guy today was a 21lb Salmon which caused a lot of ruckus at the back of the boat. It was all caught on film! A buddy spent the day filming some content, so look forward to some great footage down the road.





    May 8th:

    Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there. Dean and his crew from the East end of the Lake joined us to fish the LOC derby today. With the persistent NE wind the last few days we were greeted with icy blue water in front of the harbor, so we headed West to the Niagara bar.


    We found a great bite on the bar, and water temps up to 46*. It was mostly a spoon bite for us. Our Cannon Downriggers were parked 50-100’ down. Divers were going 150’ out on a 2 setting, and 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore went very consistently. Top spoons were Dreamweaver UV Mongolian Beef, 42nd, Lazer Spook, and UV NBK. Later in the morning we put down some meat rigs and took a few fish on our deeper downriggers.


    No Salmon were placed on the LOC leaderboard today, but we did put a big Lake Trout on it.




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  3. Saturday Morning:

    This group is no stranger to Lake Ontario's fishery because they fished with us a lot last season. We left Wilson around 6am this morning and sat down in 40' of water. We trolled it NW from there. In 50-70' we took a lot of Coho and Lake Trout with only a few smaller Kings. Call into VQ and he had some deeper fish going. Pointed it North and ran into King squadrons. We cleaned our silver limit, and most of our Lake Trout limit. A lot of Coho and smaller Kings went back to grow up.
    We ran three flat lined orange baits off one side. The man was Bay Rats Fat Rat in orange. On the other board we ran a couple FishUSA Stealthcore 10 color setups. On those UV NBK was the best. On our three Cannon Downriggers we ran DW spoons. Mags on the bottom with regulars on sliding cheaters. Sea Sick Waddler, Rodfather, and Martel were our best spoons. Divers were quiet, but they did take the big guy of the day. Lastly, our 300' A-TOM-MIK copper took off a few times down the chute with a mag green/Glow spoon.
    Saturday Afternoon:
    We fished our first double of the season Saturday. On our afternoon trip we were joined by Jessie and his crew from Massachusetts. The trip started off slower than expected, and the fish we were taking were on the small side. We went out to the water we finished up the morning in, but couldn't turn them. We slid the Yankee back inside to that 80-100' level and rods started firing consistently.
    Our big guy took a UV Mongolian Beef slider on our 80' Cannon Optimum Downrigger. Rodfather and Chartel fired on the other two riggers. We ran mags on main lines, and regulars on sliders. Our DW Deeper divers were out 160-180' on #2 settings pulling a mag Martel and Lazer Spook. On one side of the boat we ran two 10 color FishUSA Stealthcore setups. UV NBK was our best spoon on them. On the other side of the boat we ran three surface plugs. Our best plug was a Bay Rat Lures Fat Rat. The 300 A-TOM-MIK copper down the chute took a few nibbles as well.
    It was a busy night with a good sized program. They all had fun, but the highlight was Jessie's daughter netting her father's fish, and vice versa. Memories that will last a lifetime! You're reading this while we're all back out there doing it again. Stay tuned for their second day's report.
    Sunday Morning:
    There's no way the bite could have been any better this morning. Six limits of Chinook Salmon came over the Yankee's transom before 8am. Maybe we should have deployed less rods, but damn that was fun! Jessie's crew from Massachusetts witnessed a bite very few people will ever see on our fishery.
    This weekend I feel the fish really picked out the spoons with ladder backs on them. FishUSA 's custom DW's in Martel, Chartel, and Glow Gladiator took a fair amount as did a Lazer Spook. The non laddered spoon that went the best was a UV Mongolian Beef.
    Set up this morning was four FishUSA Stealthcore rods. A pair of 7's and a pair of 10's on our boards. Our Cannon Downriggers were parked from 40-60' down. Mags on the main lines, and regular DWs on sliding cheaters. DW Deeper Divers with wire out 85' on a 2 setting.
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  4. April 23rd - 

    Today we were joined by locals who have their own boat and fish Lake Ontario regularly. This is our last weekend in Rochester before we head up West, but today Brown Trout were not the target species. We were 100% skinny water Salmon fishing. At the end of the day the Salmon won, but we did land 4 and lost at least 5. A few fish we lost weren't on long enough to tell. They'd rip the Offshore OR-12 back and then they were gone. We also landed a couple Brown Trout.
    We targeted 20-30' of water all morning. Our program consisted of six Offshore OR-12 inline boards. The outside boards were loaded with Bay Rat LS, and the inside ones pulled deep diving sticks. We also fished our three Cannon Downriggers and two divers. We took bites on all the presentations. Spoons were fished on the riggers and divers. Stick colors that worked were Citric Shad and Cracked Sea Coral. Spoons that fired were Wonderbread, Pickleseed, Sea Sick Waddler, Mixed Veggies, and UV NBK.
    April 24th - 
    Today we had a single passenger due to some buddies oversleeping. Sam is from New York City, and is here going through medical school at the University of Rochester. Smart kid!
    Anyway, we left the Port of Rochester at 6am and started off with a Brown Trout program that grabbed us north of 15 Brownies. Most fish were cookie cutters, but we did wrangle up a porker. Best Bay Rat color was Ridin' Dirty. The Black Flash 3.5 took a couple as well behind a Chinook Diver. We worked 7-8' of water for those fish. On the way back we slid out to 25-30' looking for a Salmon. We ended the day 3/4 on Kings and we also poked a nice drop back Steelie. UV Pickle Seed took two fish on a 50' Slide Diver, another took a UV NBK on two colors of FishUSA Stealthcore, and two Kings took deep diving sticks.
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  5. On 4/17/2022 at 5:54 PM, Scalloper 1 said:

    So if I were going to target Kings where are they in numbers this time of year? I hear of the odd one or two being caught but where are they normally in April?


    In April, they are on Canada's South shore. If you know how to fish skinny water kings you can get them on the US side if you're in the areas they're hanging in that Spring. Come May you want to be in Niagara County.

  6. Come down and join us!
    On Thursday May 5th at 7pm the Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Association (LOTSA) will be sponsoring a Seminar on Salmon Fishing and Marine Electronics by Charter Captain Richard Hajecki (Yankee Troller). The seminar will be held at Bootleggers Cove Marina at the Port of Wilson N.Y. Richard will be giving the seminar from the back of his boat, The Yankee Troller. As a bonus for those who arrive early you will be treated to a great grilled hotdog and drink prepared by LOTSA’s one and only Capt. Marty beginning at 6:00 pm.
    Richard is well known for consistently finishing high on the leader boards of numerous Derbies and Tournaments for many years. Rick also works at Krenzer Marine, on Sodus Bay, as the service manager and marine electronics sales manager. Richard will be going over selecting the right electronics to fit your fishing needs. This will include selecting the type of sonar and best transducer for your boat. He will go over install of these electronics and proper transducer placement. Lastly, he will go over settings to help tune your electronics to make you more successful. He will also be taking any questions you may have and sharing his knowledge on how to use your electronics to put more fish in your box. This will be a very informative seminar that you will not want to miss.
    LOTSA is a group of mainly weekend recreational fishermen who are dedicated to the enhancement of the Lake Ontario Sport Fishery including the pen rearing project at Olcott. Each meeting also features a sharing of information on the current fishing conditions. So come join us and become more successful at fishing Lake Ontario!
    Just a reminder this special meeting and seminar will be held at the Bootleggers Cove Marina at the Port of Wilson from the back of The Yankee Troller and not at the Amherst Fire Company in Amherst. The Seminar is open to the public and free to attend. See WWW.LOTSA1.ORG for any questions.
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  7. 9 hours ago, troutman10 said:

    Thanks for the heads up. Gonna have to pick some up. I've seen your reports and video using the chinook diver right behind the boat. Do you fish that setup mainly when the water is murky or is it succesful on clear water days as well? Ran a chinook diver the past couple trips out but maybe wasn't giving them the color or size lure they wanted. 


    It's best when you can barely see the diver out 10'.

  8. Saturday:

    Another great day on Lake Ontario with long time clients Doc, his son, Kurt, and Joe. The early morning Brown Trout bite couldn't have been any better! We also mixed in a Pike, a couple of Lake Trout, a Coho Salmon, and dumped a Chinook Salmon that headed for Niagara County.
    If you followed our page this morning you saw our starting line up. All Bay Rat Lures in SS and S3. Ayu, Ghost Wipe, Green Frog, Can't Afford It, Citric Shad, and Jail Bird all took fish. The riggers and divers were pretty quiet.
    After we took our only King bite, and learned of a few others, we upped our program to hunt down more King bites. We switched over to all Bay Rat LS baits on the boards and added in some slide divers. A 16 rod spread! Unfortunately, no more King bites were taken, but we did get a few Lake Trout and some bigger Brown Trout with that spread.
    Make that four Sundays in a row fishing nasty conditions and snow. Thank God for our 10 Meter Trojan with camper top and heat today!
    Doc, Kurt, Joe, and Doc's son Nick from PA fished the last two days with us. They're regulars in the Spring chasing Brown Trout with us. We knew today might get cut short so we fished longer yesterday. For the first few hours it was great. The wind was manageable, but when it came it was wicked! We probably stayed and fished longer than we should have.
    Our typical Brown Trout spread consisted of eight board rods, two Chinook Divers, and three Cannon Downriggers. 98% of our fish came on board lines today. Bay Rat Lures S3's were the ticket as we had to put the boat in 7-9' of water with leads on our baits 125' back. The king took a Citric Shad. Other colors that worked today were Ayu, Ghost Wipe, Coho Crusher, Ghost Face, and a new Modified Green Frog.
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  9. 9 hours ago, vetting said:


    I've heard side imaging isnt that useful for salmon fishing, but if you combine high chirp and the 3d stuff you can mark potential starting points to setup.  Plus it would just be nice to know what the heck is going on when you mark fish on a traditional sonar.  Right now I have an A series MFD running a standard non chirp thru-hull ducer.  I'd keep that one for traditional sonar and to network with my raymaine autopilot.  Then I'd get Element or Axiom and run it with the RV-100 transom mount ducer for all of the fancy sonar.  @Yankee Troller have any input? 


    Sorry, I'm not a Raymarine guy. Not many guys using that brand anymore that I know of. All the different types of sonar have their place on the Lake, but most people don't get out enough to understand when to use each. Traditional sonar is enough for 80% of the people out there. CHIRP is not recommended due to its narrow cone angles and price. People have enough trouble understanding/tunning traditional sonar. When you get into side/down imaging and live sonar they get much more complicated and require more settings adjustments. Most people don't have the time to dedicate to that.

  10. 28 minutes ago, Gill-T said:

    Congrats on popping your king cherry. Other than a rare March spawner some guy caught drifting the Niagara, I think yours may be the first one caught this year. I have not seen any postings on Spoonpullers for Canadian water kings either. I am picturing what a king rip looks like on a diver out 15’ lol. 


    A buddy took one a week ago out of P-Ville. Saw one taken off Jordan this weekend and one out of Sodus.

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  11. April 2nd - It was a tough day due to the amount of chocolate water. Strong NW winds last night churned up the shoreline making it almost impossible for the fish to see our baits. We made a move mid morning putting some miles on the Yankee that didn’t really pan out, but we tried. At 2pm we were 4/5 on cookie cutter Brown Trout, but right at the end a 19.5lb Chinook nailed our Chinook Diver. It changed the mood on the boat very quickly!




    April 3rd - When we broke the pier heads this morning we decided to try the opposite direction from yesterday. We were hoping the water color was cleaner. After getting set-up we had two people get sick on 1-3’s from the North, so we picked up and headed back to the marina. Once everyone felt better, and hit the head, we tried it again but stayed close to home. The clients were testing the waters to see if they could handle it. The lake seemed to have laid down a little, and everyone felt good, so we picked rods in unproductive water and headed to yesterday’s water on a whim. What a difference a day made! We proceeded to whack and stack the Brown Trout in 10-13'of water. Most fish were cookie cutter 16-20" fish, but we did get a few decent ones.


    Bay Rat SS’s back 100’ in BT Candy, Green Frog, Citrus Shad, Ayu, Coho Crusher, Can’t Afford It, and Ghost Wipe. On our Chinook Divers we ran a DW SS Rasta Goose and a Bay Rat 3.5 Black Flash 10-12’ back. Our Cannon Downriggers fished spoons back 40’ and down 5’. Glow Frog on one side and Mulatto on the other. Everything took fish!



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