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  1. The gate is stuck open and requires divers to correct the problem. The water level is very low with approximately 6 inches to 8 inches of water where the canal opens into lamoka. The beaver lodge on that side is also about 3/4 of the way across the canal so navigating is possible but tricky.
  2. Thanks guys! Anyone know the thread dimensions of a mercury drain plug? I'm thinking 3/8-16 but don't want to get the wrong one.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I've read that keenserts are slightly better than helicoils. Any thoughts? Also, is it possible to thread them deep enough that the plug and gasket still fit flush against the sealing surface? Will I have to flush the lower unit to get shavings out? Splitting the case probably isn't an option. Since the threads in the lower unit go much deeper than the length of the plug I only lost the last two or three threads. Could I just thread in a keen sert using the threads that are still there and then put the plug in? Would that be strong enough to hold? Also, I don't know any machinists so if anybody knows any in the Corning area that would also be appreciated.
  4. I have a 115 mercury 2-stroke outboard that has a stripped vent hole in the lower unit so the plug won't tighten. A marina told me they wouldn't touch it because it wouldn't be factory spec and if the repair didn't work they could be on the hook for a new lower unit. Boat is located in Corning so looking for somewhere reasonably close to do the repair. This is an older motor so buying a new case is out. These are the three options I think would work. Option 1: have the hole welded and re-tapped for the plug Option 2: tap to a bigger plug if possible Option 3: have the plug welded in and forget about it. (This outboard has two holes on top, a vent and a level check) the stripped one is the vent and only slightly higher than the level check plug so would it really matter if I sealed it? If any of those are feasible I would love to know what the best option is. I also have no idea where to get the repair done. Marina? Machine shop?
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    I have a large happy troller trolling plate located in Corning NY. $50