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  1. Rough rider not sure if any are for sale right now but I was in Island Shadows mobile home park. Right across from Feather Bed Shoals and Carlton Island. Great place and protected Marina.
  2. Not sure if it floats Mike but I could throw in a manual downrigger.
  3. $3500.00 new batteries 3 years ago, lift kit, new 12" tires, rear seat.
  4. What engine or engines does it have, hours? Fresh water boat only? Do you have anymore pictures? Thank you
  5. Sold pending delivery this sat. If it falls thru I will let you know. Henrietta btw
  6. Still for sale. Electric with 48" booms both work perfect and fishlanders rod holders are fully adjustable.
  7. Fishlander Downriggers forsale, swivels bases and adjustable rodholders, coated cable on one and both have new cable last season,48" booms both in working order.
  8. Looking for (2) older style Cannon Downrigger Locks
  9. Brillyant I tried sending you an email and didn't go thru. Send me a PM Thanks Mike
  10. Finally...my first Musky even though it's a Tiger...I'll take it. Caught this fish last Thursday with a spinner bait wht./chart. No steel leader was fishing for bass but I did have a 12# flouro. leader.
  11. I'm in when and where???????I close up my camp in the thousand islands columbus weekend.....would it be before or after that for the best time? Let me know....
  12. I'll do the night thing if that puts me in the boat...... ......balls in your court Landshark.
  13. I need to get into the trolling mode like Landshark.....I even know the areas .....maybe he and I could HOOK UP and he can show me the program first hand.
  14. Picked up another big pike 38" and a 26" walleye in the same spot near Cape Vincent, two different days with the same lure casting 3/4 oz. org/sil cleo. The best depth was 25 fow and several SM bass with tubes in green pumpkin color.
  15. Chad and Lee now all I want to get is one of those huge muskie up there.....know a couple of guys with some 54" plus caught in the same area as I'm fishing both trolling and casting but I haven't had the luck yet .....I'll keep trying .....I have the pike thing down well over hundred this season so far
  16. Caught and released this fish on Saturday night casting spoons in 15 fow south side of Wolfe Island near carlton Island on the last cast for the night around 8:00. Pike fishing has been great all season a little slower the past few weekend but really picked up this wekkend.
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