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  1. Thanks kwatchi I was in the same area for pike and was trolling stickbaits and did get some SM on a couple of passes.
  2. kwatchi,what were you using to catch the SM and were you in the river or out in the lake.
  3. Commodore64 as stated need to be in the weeds. This pike was taken Sat. in 25 FOW around Carlton Island . I do most of my pike fishing drifting with spoons and this is what I do, you need to cast your lure (spoon) towards which ever way the boat is drifting otherwise you won't get you spoon down to the weeds and weeds = pike. I cast the lure let it free fall give it a rip back let it fall another rip and so on. Most of the time they hit the spoon on the free fall, if your not getting weeds on your lure you are not deep enough.Good luck.
  4. Reel Magic yes I still have it and everything is negotiable, a couple of my buddies do not want me to sell it because they want me to give it to them.....not sure about that. Anyways it still is an awesome unit I have been out jigging for perch in 50 plus feet of water and can see the tiny jigs bouncing up and down off the bottom.I didn't really need a new depth finder but needed a project for the boat and wanted to see how the new HDS units work.
  5. Selling a Lowrance X102C Color Fish Finder, has everything including manual, works perfectly just selling it because I'm buying one of the new HDS units $300.00
  6. How many icebergs did you have to dodge Nice job at least your out fishing.
  7. rapala nice job...I like the video/camera mount on the starboard side,seems to be out of the way.
  8. Thanks Bill...need to start a new project. Loooooong winter so far.
  9. Rick..I believe it's the same material..I did buy what they call clear and it's pretty white but next time I will be buying pure white as you can see through it somewhat at the fastener location and if you hold it up to the light, but that's just me I'm a little on the anal side of those things. Just one last note if you do buy some where ever, make sure you check the back side as I didn't notice until I got home but there were a couple of some scraps that must of happened when they move the material around their shop.
  10. Yankee..I knew I should of put a patent on then before I posted this The only problem is finding this stuff cheap,I bought the sheet 4x8x1/2" HDPE at Laird plastic as stated before $200.00. If anyone knows where to buy this stuff cheaper please chime in as there are so many uses for this material.I did use almost the entire sheet for these projects. Thanks Don..I suppose I will have to build some for you for that new boat
  11. Bosco....catch and release. The spring one was released back after the photo and the two summer ones brought back to the dock for photos forgot the camera and then released,noticed the livewell hatch open.
  12. Going through some photos from this year and ran across one of my opening day SM bass and a couple in early August. Both were taken up in the thousand islands,tube baits and night crawlers.
  13. Mark, I have the S1000 on my boat and have NO PROBLEMS with trolling lake speeds but if I want to go under 1.5 for walleyes it does tend to loss the GPS lock. I have been in honest 5' footers and it trolls with not a problem at all. I have not had an issues with it shutting off as fishman 08 said he had on his but when I first installed it would every once in awhile start turning without notice...solved that by doing the auto learn and have not had any other issue. With that said it is a good unit for a $1000.00 and is super simple to install but if I were to do it over again I would take everyone's advise to buying the Simrad, I have not been a boat that has one but I would diffidently want to have a compass reading as well and not just GPS. I hope this helps in your decision.
  14. Jack boats a Sea Swirl Striper 2150 and no Norton not selling this one yet
  15. Well decided that carpet doesn't belong in a boat any where (gets wet and only lets mildew grow)so what little I had was removed. I started out putting down a new floor using HDPE material, started with a 4X8X1/2" sheet ($200.00) ouch,ripped some 2" strips, routed edges, drill pressed holes and installed over sleepers using SS screws so it could be removable in one piece. Of course each piece had to be custom cut we wouldn't want anything easy.Once that was done it was on to the storage shelves,same material and method with a few more tools band saw,sander and drill press. I through bolted into the side wall and installed screws that could be buried were I could,again custom cut everything with radius's and all being a boat should expect to have a challenge.But here are some photos of the finished project and it will be easier to maintain in a marine environment as the boat is in the water all season and I can get rid of of a bunch of bags which frees up the area. About $50.00 in hardware and a couple of weekends, worst part was driving to Seneca Lake where the boat is stored for the winter and driving to Geneseo where the shop is and back and forth.
  16. turns out this buck is a 3.5 year old and there is a much bigger one still around. [ Post made via Mobile Device ] [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  17. Yea... he took his son several times with him bow season and ties him up in the tree with him and then he helps track the deer. He's hooked.
  18. Here is a picture of my buddies buck he shot Sunday morning :shock: The gross score was 148 7/8
  19. Thanks, guys I'll dig through my photos from this summer and show ya what real bass look like
  20. Rod, I couldn't stop laughing how something that small would hit that lure twice it's size. It is amazing how you can feel every hit with fireline even something that small.
  21. Here is a LM bass that didn't get away. It really put up a fight but I did manage to reel it in, it was caught on a 1 oz. red eye wiggler fishing for pike. YT do I win an award for the smallest LM ever caught? The picture was taken from my cell phone which was moved when the picture was taken.Notice I was able to lip this monster, and of coarse it was C&R.
  22. Almost that time of year and I'm sure this question is still out there. What to do for the fuel in the tanks over the winter. Empty or full ,additives which ones? With the ethynol in the fuel what should be used...I see Stabil has one that's blue for fuel with ethynol. I have always used Seafoam and have had no issues. Just seeing what eveyone else is doing.
  23. Thanks Rich, I will give them a try. I will be fishing the 26th at the Little Salmon River Challenge so maybe I will see you there. What's your boats handle? I will be with a guy I fish with on his buddies boat not sure what his handle is But I will try you with my handle Reel escape.
  24. Thanks guys, Rich What does BOE stand for and how do I get ahold of him. Thanks,
  25. Were can I get the best price for the furuno fvc 620? I saw a 585 in use a coulpe of weeks ago and was really impressed, don't really have the room with my layout so I was wondering if the 620 is the same unit just smaller.I know Rich or Bill can point me in the right direction.I would be using the P66 TM just wondering how good it would work as the boat with the 585 had the tru hull trasnducer. Thanks
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