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  1. Ken, I have the Raymarine S1000, I had it on my last boat which was a 19' CC and will be installing it in a couple of weeks on my 21' seaswirl striper.The unit did loss the signal sometimes when I would troll below 1.5 for walleyes but for the salmon and trout fishing it was fine.I have been in 4' to 5'waves with my last boat and the thing would track prefect.The wireless remote is nice can steer from anywhere on the boat. I didn't play around too much with the steering options but I did use the zig zag a few times in the spring which worked well.For the price and how easy it is to install the unit works for me.
  2. I used a product called on and off made by mary kate , I bought it at west marine. wet the boat down. take a soft brush and apply, wait a few seacond and rinse off with a garden hose. It takes off all the slime and every stain. I'm sure it's muratic acid but it didn't seem as strong.
  3. conservation is around $ 38.00 and full license is around $ 67.
  4. I use soft scrub with bleach on non skid surfaces only, spray deck down squirt a little out brush it around let it set for a minute and rinse off, brings it back to bright white. Just need a little and brush it right away or it will leave a white streak.
  5. Just bought Garmins 545s GPS/ Chartplotter which also has sonar and don't know which transducer to buy, I have a lowrance 102c which works great for shallow water fishing/jigging. I can buy either a dual beam or a dual frequency transducer, the main purpose of the second sonar would be used for trolling so I know the dual frequency is probably the right choice. Just wondering if anyone runs the dual beam and if it works for trolling and reads the downrigger balls? Thanks for any input.
  6. Okay I agree with the boat paint, now any recommendations to where to have it done, Rochester area and should I have a barrier coat put on first or is this a do it yourself job? Thanks
  7. Thanks guys I may wait to do it after the season, if it starts to get looking bad then I'll pull it and have it done. Do I need to put a barrier coat on first?Rod sent you a PM.
  8. Okay buying a new boat ( fiberglass) and will be keeping it in the water up in the thousand islands, question what are your guys take on bottom paint. I don't have a problem with acid washing in the fall or taking it out a couple times a season to do a clean up. Let me know your opinions.Thanks Mike
  9. Like KING ME said non stop action same area we only went out from 9:00 till 11:00 but had a great morning the biggest brown was 10lbs but scared up pretty bad from lamprey, all other fish were clean mostly browns with a large coho to end the trip. Colors were pretty much any thing with orange in it and blk. and silver took a few. Started to get bumpy and decided to come in, trolled around the bay for awhile with nada so called it a day.
  10. Rick, release above the probe, I have my blacks attached above a snap swivel with a sleeve top and bottom of the blacks and yes I can get reading down 100' no problem, I just put the tape around the snap up the wire and liquid electrical tpae around the rest of the metal on the snap.That way you can take it off for safety or if your in shallow.
  11. Thanks guys, I agree that a lund would be the boat to have. I'll just keep looking. As far as the honda I agree 100%, I have a 130HP my boat now and it's a sweet motor.The cost of new ones is crazy, I've consider buying a new one but just can't right the check, I know the resale is a good reason but I'm sure I can find one for half the price of a new one with more web surfing. I'll just have to be patient and that's killing me.
  12. Rod,It's in Cape Vincent across from the north end of Carlton Island. It's usually just the wife and me but at any given weekend we have 5 kids that may want to go up. There in the late teens and early twenties so mom and dad typically aren't on this list of things to do, except for the holidays. Just getting my feet wet on the fishing up there. If you want to hook up sometime and go out let me know, I've talked to different people on this site and have told them the same. That's what's so great about this site, meeting people from all over the place.
  13. Fishtails, I have the Raymarine S 1000 autopilot on my current boat which is a 19' Robalo CC. Couple of things to know first as Reeljerks said it does hook up to any NMEA 0183 mines a 150c standard horz. chart plotter and works fine. You need hydraulic steering on you boat which I'm assuming you have. The unit works great even in honest waves up to 5' last year in the LOC derby at the bar one day was really nasty but the autopilot stayed right on track. The only problem I've had if you are going to slow sometimes it looses the GPS reading but that was only fishing for walleye, never had a problem for salmon. You will love the preset fishing features I used the zig zag the most and it can be adjusted small, medium, and large pattern. The remote control is awesome anywhere on the boat even up front.Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks guys, yes fishtails I am married but the wife lets me pretty much do anything I want, bought a cottage last year up in the thousand islands and told her about it when I got home. Mikejonestkd I've looked at the starcraft islanders but really don't like the motor cover inside. I had a 88 trophy with the dog house and managed but then I had a 260 baha crusier with twin screws and a wide open back so I got spoiled. That's why I'm leaning towards the OB motor.
  15. Yea I know the price for new is whacked, so I'll be looking for used. Thanks Mike
  16. Okay what type of boat to buy for different types of fishing? I've been looking at newer 19' -21' size in aluminum but the cost of metal has gotten out of control. I would like to do more of the Niagara river fishing in the winter months, that's why I was thinking alum. I will be fishing for salmon and trout of coarse around here to the Niagara and up in the thousand islands during the summer months pike, bass, walleye. Open boat or Bimini with an enclosure, OB or IB, fiberglass or aluminum. You get the idea let me know what your opinions are. Thanks
  17. Stix, don't forget if your key is on the on position I think your hour meter will still be adding up the hours even w/o the motor running, just a thought.
  18. BlueEye I tried the link copy and paste for the proud LOU member and it did attach but the HTML is off and I can't figure out how to turn it on, need a little help. Thanks
  19. Billy, A lot of talk about new fish finders on GLA and the 585 and 620 have good reviews.
  20. Stix: have you used the FCV667 in any shallow water fishing, if or when your not trolling, does it give detail if your just jigging?
  21. VP for Rochester based general contractor
  22. 45 but wife says I still act like a kid
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