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  1. Hey there Muskybob, Yes I did try that hole with no luck that day. I had several poles rigged up with the Niagara river three way rig for the current (pencil sinker and a 5-6ft mono leader with a minnow) and my leadhead with a minnow for the slower currents/eddys. Its been tough getting a steadfast pattern on the walleyes. Somedays have been non-stop and other days I have been dumbfounded. I'm also wondering when I am going to run into a nice steelhead. I have also casted shad-raps with a super slow retrieve once it nears the bottom for some luck. I suggest to anyone who wants to give this a try to bring several poles rigged and ready because you will get snagged left and right if your keeping it in the strike zone. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Went out 12/2/06 to the Black River in Dexter and put in at the RT. 180 bridge. Jigged up one nice keeper walleye on a leadhead and minnow. It has been hit and miss. Last week caught 12 keeper sized walleyes with a 9lber mixed in and repeated the same technique for zero the next day. Heading to the Niagara River friday if water levels are fishable. I will keep you guys posted.
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