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  1. The only difference in the engine kits is the mounting bracket for the servo. Nessan/Tohatsu make the Mercury smaller outboard engines. That is why the same kit number is used on several different engines.Take a look at the picture for the TM214HWKIT kit and see if that looks the same as your engine. 

    What the mounting bracket does is hold the servo inline with the throttle linkage so the servo arm can pull the throttle to increase/decrease  speed.



  2. I have had both types of tabs. The smart tabs work good as are advertised but you will not be able to control varying side to side load shifts such as people or coolers and sea conditions.  I took off the smart tabs and installed the Lenco electric tabs and that takes care all load and sea conditions while on the fly. 

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  3. This Raymarine SmartPilot X5r Sport is fully functional and has all hardware, fittings and manuals. The drive unit for the helm is getting vary stiff and makes the steering wheel hard to turn in StandBy (manual) mode. Works fine in Auto mode.  It was fully functional as of last Saturday (8/24/19) and I pulled it out of my boat to be replaced with a different autopilot. Raymarine will not service these units any longer so it can be used as a project to see if you can adjust the clutches and release spring in the sport drive unit or it can be used for parts. 

    The pictures of the control head display were taken 8/24/2019 showing Standby and Auto mode and I removed the autopilot on Sunday 8/25/19
    These parts on Ebay for example:
    ST6002 Control Head $325.00 used
    X5 Course Computer $ 285.00 used
    Fluxgate Compass $ 145.00 used
    SportDrive unit   $  ??
    $300.00 or reasonable offer. PM me if you prefer.
    Can be picked up in Binghamton area.

    SP X5a.jpg

    SP X5b.jpg

    SP X5c.jpg

    SP X5d.jpg

  4. My Raymarine Sportpilot x5 drive head crapped out. Raymarine said they will not repair them any longer. I have BayStar steering and was thinking of using the Raymarine Ev-100 Power Evolution Autopilot as a replacement . My BayStar system has the stiff hoses so is there a problem using the hoses that the unit came with or is it necessary to change the hoses?  Also were would I get the additional hoses needed that would go to the pump from the helm?

  5. 1 hour ago, bulletbob said:

     "Climate change" has nothing to do with it..  Its due to  the lakes being CHOKED with  homes, large and small, all with septics that DO leach into the lake over time, its due to farms , wineries, parks, marinas, that are wherever the homes aren't.. These lakes have been decimated by   the   encroachment of too many people, too many cows, corn fields, vineyards. all dumping organic material into the lakes by the mega ton ... bob


    ...and don't forget all the fisher(people)men that piss in the lake while fishing

  6. 7 hours ago, Reel Doc said:

    When did the DEC treat the streams last?  



    ....from the NYS DEC  website:


    "Lampricides and Treatments

    The most significant and effective form of control has been the treatment of streams and deltas with lampricides - TFM in tributaries and Bayluscide on deltas. The lampricides target the larval sea lamprey, killing them before they can transform into their parasitic adult form. Since the larval sea lamprey typically reside in streams or deltas for 4 years, lampricide treatments need only occur every 4 years in a specific water."


    This is from DEC's report of Lake Champlain but the treatment process is the same for the finger lakes.


    I think Cayuga was treated two years ago. Not sure. But anyway each treatment if done under good conditions will get the previous four years of eels. Once the adults go into the lake they will usually  die within a year but that year each one can take out a few fish.





  7. X3 on Deans Cove. Another option is across the lake from Deans Cove on the east side is Long Point State Park. Nice park and with clean rest rooms and deep water a few paddle strokes from the launch site. If your going to use any of the state parks more than 12 time a year it would better to purchase a Empire Pass for $80.00. It gives you unlimited access to any New York State Park. You can get one on-line and info on all the benefits it has to offer.



  8. All good info above. One more easy thing to try is stop your boat and let one rigger ball down, say 30'. If you can't see it then either your gain is to low or your 'ducer is not angled in the right direction or both. If you do see the ball send it down deep ( 80') and watch it. Then do the same thing for each of the other riggers to be sure that they all are in the cone. Once you have that then start moving the boat forward and gradually increase speed up to say 2 mph gps. If you loose the balls on the screen before you get to your trolling speed then the 'ducer needs to angle back more.  You'll need a wide angle cone for the deep water.

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