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  1. Recently read a post about replacing wing nuts with lock, & flat washers and a nut on the battery terminals.  Gonna do this as a loose connection just cost me $400 to replace the regulator on my 90 h.p. Johnson outboard.


    My question is..... do you need stainless or is regular hardware ok.  Worrying about battery terminal material reacting with nuts & washers - opposite amterial cousing corrosion????

  2. Our tach seems to be VERY intermittent.  Most times it doesn't work at all.  Suspect a loose wire but don't have a clue on where to begin looking - we are no mechanics here.  Anyone have any suggestions?


    Should have stated it is a 90 h.p. Johnson outboard

  3. I know waterlogged seems like an unlikely name for a boat but here's the story.  When we first got our boat my son went on a solo trip to Cayuga Lake VERY early one summer morning launching out of Myers.  Our friend, his son and I were to meet him at Myers after work for the evening bite.  When we got to the launch sure enough he was there waiting.  I asked him how he had done and he stated he trolled form 6 a,m,m until he came in to pick us up.  He had one small sized salmon in the box.  I said in disbelief "You've been out here since 6 a.m. and this is all you could catch? This boat must be waterloged by now!!" and the name stuck.

  4. If you want some good deals hit the ELOSTA tackle flea market on March 16 on the south shore of Oneida Lake (not sure of the exact address I'm at work and don't have the flyer). For more details contact Livewire @ 607-756-7922.

    Found the info on the LOU Calendar for March 16th

    ELOSTA Nautical and Fishing Tackle Sale

    From: Mar 16, 2013 08:00 am

    To: Mar 16, 2013 12:30 pm

    South Shore Association

    6690 South Bay Road

    Cicero, NY 3039

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