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  1. Tuna's reel troubles does all my drags , they are in luddington, MI. Good price and fast turnaround time
  2. I have around 30 convectors 30's and 55's other than having new drags installed about every 3 yrs they have been awesome for me
  3. I think my old Islander had a 14 1/2 x17 that gave me 4200 rpm @wot
  4. Michigan stinger scorpion spoons, tangerine w/silver back. Awesome for landlocks
  5. Is the camp north or south of the crown point bridge. South is shallow, muddy. Walleye,panfish ,northerns and bass. North Is deeper cleaner water. Lakers, landlock salmon, Browns, walleye
  6. I lile the Okuma reels, I have around 30 Convectors. They were ok for a couple yrs, then had Tuna Tom replace the drags, they are awesome now
  7. Yup, Sticks is the place to stay,Mike & Bobbie Lavenia ( owners) are Awesome and having a Bar & grill at the motel makes for great conservation in the evening Their number is: 315-963-3084 Brian
  8. Anyone have info on the Little Salmon river challange this yr ? Thanks, Brian
  9. Check out Sticks Motel in New Haven, only 4 miles from the mexico point launch. Nice rooms and Bar/Grill The owners ( Mike & Bobbie Lavenia ) Great people. 315-963-3084
  10. Sorry steelydan, sold to the first person that sent a PM Brian
  11. I've had them 5 seasons, drags replaced 2 yrs ago. will try to post a pic tomorrow Brian
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