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  1. Brian, give Yankee a call . They might be interested. Rob
  2. Boatino, if you move from the Genny to Braddocks does that mean you will take your boat out more than once a year?
  3. sorry "are" . i pay my debts, so just in case i lose what kind of banana's do you guys like?
  4. And Yankee Trollers new name is "Coco's Dream" its after a really nice story about 2 silverback gorilla's that our brothers and fish together. Still HIDEOUT
  5. Anyone have the instructions for putting these dragmasters fiber washers on? Want to make sure I have order right. Can't find anything online
  6. No mounting brackets were on boat so i am not sure how he was running these. almost appears he had them in flush mount rod holder. Willing to hear offers
  7. I have a set of lee's 18 ft outriggers that came with the new boat i purchased. At this point do not have any use for them . $700 b/o. Rob
  8. pretty good shape, i used them a handful of times. PM your cell i can forward you pics maybe be easier to see.
  9. I just added 3 more reels. 2 more sealine 47lc's and 1 more daiwa 47lc accudepth. .
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