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  1. Any chart is just a snapshot in time. Currents, line diameter, and speed will greatly alter the depth of any lure being dragged in the water. Smart Troll is the only device that will give the the answer you are looking for all day, everyday! Fish Hawks’s TD is a decent starting point but then again so are all the charts out there.
  2. Brand new smart troll system fisherman's pack with 3 probes. I mounted the transducer last season but non of the other components. I will pull the transducer off this weekend. $1175 new will part with for $800.00. Also have a tablet with the smart troll software loaded for $75.00 Contact Ken 585-750-8874
  3. 3 RIGS Shimano 800 w/ 300' 60lb Blood Run Copper w/ upgraded carbon drags. Okuma 8'6" Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore Rod $200 Shimano 800 w/ 400' 45lb Blood Run Copper w/ upgraded carbon drags. Okuma 8'6" Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore Rod $200 Penn 345 GT w/ 500' 45lb Blood Run Copper. Okuma 8'6" Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore Rod $200 Contact Ken @ 585-750-8874
  4. 3 Used Scotty Electric Riggers $975.00 for set. Contact Ken 585-750-8874 No. 1116 Propack 36" - 60" The top choice of charter captains. This unit gives the versatility of a telescoping boom with the Dual Rod Holder option plus a bonus Weight Hook. Includes: - 60“ long, 1 1/4†diameter telescoping stainless steel boom (collapses to 36†for storage) - No. 247 Dual Rod Holder - No. 1026 Pedestal Swivel Mount - 2 Power Grip Plus Line Releases - Weight storage hook
  5. (6) Penn Power Stick Downrigger Rods (Used) 8'6" Medium Action 8 - 17lb test 2 piece Dressed for Success. All Penn Power Stick® rods feature handsome, lustrous blanks, fully underwrapped guides, durable, clear epoxy finishes, blank-through-butt construction, graphite reel seats, stainless steel hoods and cushioned foam grips. Every Power Stick® now features distinctive black, blue and gold cosmetics. $20.00 Each Ken 585-750-8874
  6. 4 Penn 320 GTi's all freshwater reels and well maintained. Asking $45.00 Each $180.00 for the set. Call Ken 585-750-8874
  7. (4) Penn 975 Internationals reels with level wind - Always freshwater used - never seen any salt. Well cared for reels with all the original boxes, papers and sheeaths. Asking $750.00 for the full set. New $299.00 Each. Contact Ken 585-750-8874 Two Aircraft-Grade, Shielded, Stainless Steel Ball Bearings (non-LD reels) Strong, Sealed, Smooth Drag Infinite Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing Positive Level Wind System (non-CS reels) Titanium-Nitride Levelwind (non-CS reels) Machined Stainless Steel Spindle Recessed Stainless Steel Stand Push-Button Free Spool Auto-Engage Pinion Centrifugal Cast Control Quick Take-Apart Design Loud, Firm Clicker Soft-Grip Handle
  8. To the Trophy boat that was fishing in 100 row of Rochester early this morning the sun glare effected my vision and I did not see you. I came dangerously close to you, almost took out your boards and rocked you pretty good. I can do nothing but say I'm very sorry.
  9. Ron Gatz over at S&R Bait and Tackle on Culver Rd in Sea Breeze stocks the Familiar Bite Herring Strips and I beleive he has the Alewifes in stock as well.
  10. Box# 1 (30) Stick baits including Rapalas, Thundersticks and more $100.00 Box# 2 (22) Stick baits including straight and jointed Rapalas and more $75.00 Box# 3 (19) Miscellaneous stick baits $45.00 Lyman Handmade J-Plugs (22) Size 4 Most are new, never been in the water. All glows $110.00 Contact Ken Biemiller 585-750-8874
  11. Big Jon Brute. Swivel base, triple rod holders, ball cradle, 300' cable, 4x4 mounting plate w/ hold down knobs, 4' sectional tip up boom. Excellent condition 1 year old. $500.00 Contact Randy at 739-0569
  12. Just back from Big Jon! Completely overhauled and newly sealed motors. Includes variable speed and short stops. Motors have soft starts. 4 foot arms, pulleys, swivel bases, triple rod holders and new base plates. $450.00 Each. Contact Randy at 739-0569.
  13. I have had these guys service my reels for the last few years and been very satisfied.
  14. Hey littletom, You will love the Smoke Torpedo Wire. I had the Bright Torpedo Wire running in 2010 and changed all my wires in 2011 to the Torpedo Smoke and there was definitely an improvement in my wire bites this past season. I run the 19 strand but that's a personal preference.
  15. Nice job Jerry!! You must be back to putting pink lures in the water. You are a magnet for unique trout. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. Hi Guys, Mark is right on with GLT Supplies. Walt is a great guy who takes tremendous care in putting the best dead bait products on the market. You wont be disappointed. The Sushi rigs worked great and very easy to prepare.
  17. Radio interview with Capt. Greg Amiel who won the Big Jon King of the Lake 2 weeks ago, shares some of his secrets. http://hookedforlife.ca/?p=870 Radio show about King of the Lake win!
  18. I'm curious to to know why there are changes to the categories and payout changes. Always thought as Henderson Hbr. as the Lake Trout Capitol of the lake. Dropping Lakers to add pickerel?
  19. Reminder: Work party for Rochester pens is this Saturday at 10a at Shumway Marina. The fish are being delivered 4/22, we will be posting the feeding schedule shortly and need volunteers for both. If you have feeding availability please contact Randy Calus at 739-0569.
  20. FAMILIAR BITE BAITS ARE IN STOCK JUST IN TIME FOR THE DERBY @ S&R Bait & Tackle Co. 4423 Culver Rd. Rochester, NY 14617 585-323-1182. Ron also has the Familiar Bite bait heads and the all new Sushi Flies which both couple with the familiar bite meats.
  21. Hey Guys, Just an FYI, These weights run extremely true. My self and Randy Calus ran extensive tests with these against the 15 lb round balls, the shark weights 15lb / 20lb and the pancake weights. The cables ran straighter with less blow back angle and truer in every case. We had Matthew from Torpedo Diver video each case, which he will post next week upon his return from Michigan.
  22. Rumor has it the derby committee is getting pressure to remove the Lake Trout category so that this does not happen again. It's hard to fathom a spring tournament in Henderson Harbor without LT's. I was under the impression many of the walleyes have been coming out of the Oswego River for years? This will be a difficult decision to say the least.
  23. Newest Torpedo Divers Tip Of The Week with Capt. Dan Keating http://www.torpedodivers.com/videos.asp
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