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  1. Try rubbing dryer sheets on ya, sounds wierd but should work.
  2. I was out off the nose got a coho 160 fow dow 40 on a red and white black poke dot custom spoon and shaker down 50 same area on a red spoon with black latter back. Same as you guys marked alot in close couldnt get them to go. Only able to fish a couple hours but worth the trip.
  3. I was out for a couple hours I did 2 steelies and lost one big guy right at the boat {dam dog needs practice with net} also caught a small king. Best color for me was black , 180fow down 35 to 50. Nice to do some catchin mixed in with some fishing.
  4. Lota fishing no catchin, marked lots of fish 55 to 65 fow down 20 to 41ft from pum[ house to the nose, few chasers but no takers. You know its bad when you see fish on the sceen, they jump 20 foot from boat and you try every lure coler, depth, speed angle at them and still no takers. :? Surface sat 43 sun 45, hopefully this n/w wind will turn the catchin part of fishin on. Still a great weekend on the big O.
  5. Good info thanks for all the ideas.
  6. Whats a good cleaner for the fiberglass floor of my boat. I tried grease lightning but im looking for something better, anyone got a got one?
  7. Im Thinking of takeing the new boat for and over night up to Wilson next weekend. Were is a good place to dock over night , how much are slipps any inside scoop would be appreciated. Thanks in advnce for any info. O ya how far of a ride is it to the Niagara bar from the harbor.
  8. I went out this morning not one fish, worked to the east started a t 6am in 7 fow then after hour or so, went off light house point worked my way out to 200fow and back to 60 fow before marking any fish worth targetting. Had to be back at the dock by 11:30 so only able to make a few passes over the fish. Most were dow 25-35 in 60 to 65fow. The water was very clear and calm. It was a great day of fishin but not so good for catchin. Ill probly go out thurs night if the wheather permits.
  9. Went out 6 am headed east marked a few fish running away from boat 20-25 fow. The cold water moved in, couldnt find any good waters or takers so headed back to Sandy to fish in the creeks mud ploom. Caught 1 small steelie and two 5+lb browns in 8 fow with nk spook with glow ladder nk green frog and nk watermellon. Only able to fish for 3 hours but worth the effort.
  10. She does alright, but she is terrible on the net. she keeps wanting to go cat fishing instead of salmon fishing.
  11. oops, ment to put this up to
  12. Took the dog and wife for a ride tonight, had to toss a line in because of all the fish on the screen. If you are going out tomorrow off sandy creek I would try 20-30fow in front of pump house right on top 5 feet.
  13. 7-8 lost one big guy at the boat all browns 10-15 fow down 5ft first came just east of sandy creek. Pull up lines took a ride east of light house found good patch of water got 6 er 7 more. Best spoon was nk spook with green ladder . Great day to be on the lake.
  14. I think this is a picture, if I did this correctly.
  15. Caught my first fish on the new boat , small brown straight off the back on a orange J-9. the boat is awsome Ill never have to come off the lake unless there is lightning. If you change boats do you change your name?
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