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  1. I bought these from him and got them yesterday.
  2. I got some a couple years ago from screwy louies in fairhaven.
  3. I have fished Maui 3 times. The first 2 times we didn't have any luck, but the third time I did a little more research on charters and found these guys http://www.mauibluewaterfishing.com/index.html. We fished with them on Christmas day I lost about a 300 lb blue marlin at the boat and my dad boated a 209 lb. If you can afford it you want to get the boat to yourself. The first time I went out there we shared the boat to save money and one of the other people got sick and it really limited our day. Greg
  4. I replaced all my Diawa drags last winter with these. They worked really well. http://www.smoothdrag.com/
  5. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using Rhino Liner for the floor surface of their boat. I have the stuff in the bed of my truck and it seems like it would be a great non-slip surface for the deck.
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