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  1. Getting ready for hunting season and cleaning out my end of the basemant. Local pickup. I live in Macedon and work in Rochester. Text me at 585-943-5274. Thanks Dave Genz Fish Trap Pro $175 StrikeMaster Ice Auger Mag 2000 10" $200 Todd Boat Seats (2) swivel base, (1) pedestal. $100 (2) Eagle Claw 10' Diver Rods (like new) $30
  2. A guy shares a pic if a good buck and is crucified for it. You guys are a tough crowd. Dylan thanks for sharing I am one who appreciates viewing a good buck. I don't care where it was shot it's dead now and I can't go after it. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Here is a video of what they are living through. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Last season 2 of my buddies got the ozonics units and they were very impressed by what they were seeing. I had made some comments about it to my wife and daughter, well Santa must had been listening because there was one under the tree last year. I have used it every sit this season and I must say the technology does seem work. I have had both deer and coyotes approach from down wind without being winded. I have always practiced being as scent free as possible by wearing scent-loc, showering with the soaps, using the clothes wash, and using the sprays. I still follow those practices. I am not a fan of scent attractants (unless I'm using a decoy) because I feel these scents put the deer on alert even if only looking for the source of the smell. I would rather every deer simply walks past without any idea I am there. The unit is expensive and adds one more thing to bring to the field and more setup when getting on stand, but if it gives me a little more edge against the nose of a whitetail I will use it. All that being said I know guys who go to field smelling like cigarette smoke and score a good buck by simply hunting the wind. There is nothing better than good stand placement and only hunting them when the weather is right. I am a firm believer in not over hunting a particular stand set. Another thing to mention is that bumping a mature doe from an area can do just as much harm to your chances as bumping the buck especially as the rut approaches. There is my 2 cents. Greg
  5. This is my third season hunting with my daughter Lily and I have never had as much fun in the woods as I have had this season. Last saturday she got her first bow kill on a mature dow then tonight she got a 6 point with her shotgun. With each season I have seen her grow as a hunter and I could not be prouder. The patience she has shown me sitting on stand is better than most adults. Making memories that will last a lifetime.
  6. This one is at the PalMac high school. My daughter took both her hunter safety and bowhunter with this instructor. He makes it fun for both the kids and the parents. http://www.palmaccsd.org/services.cfm?subpage=1351705
  7. I use them on my Mag5's. They stop so fast they would really put stress on the cable. I got some of the down rigger snubbers from Amish outfitters and they work great. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Check out Michigan Motorz. I got a long block from them a few years back good prices and service. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. I have 4 cannon electric downriggers for sale. Three of them are Marlin HP's and one is a Mag10A. One of the Marlins has a broken base and is more of a parts rigger for the other 2. - All 4 have 1 rear mount rod holder and dual boom mount rod holders. - Fixed 2 foot booms. - 1 spare keypad for the marlins. - The marlins have short stop. - Mounting base included, no swivel bases. $500 for all 4. Located in the Rochester area. PM with questions. Greg Reel-E-Hooked
  10. After chasing deer with her bow for the last 2 seasons and the beginning of this season, and having some very close calls. My daughter Lily was able to harvest her first deer this past Saturday with her 20 gauge. What an exciting morning for the both of us. I not sure who was prouder. This 6 point came in to some light rattling and grunts. He was traveling with another small buck and a doe. She made an excellent shot and no blood trailing was required. She had me back out that evening with her bow trying to get a bigger one. She is definitely hooked now if she wasn't before.
  11. I am going to the Bahamas in March. Can anyone recommend a boat there. Going to be in Nassau. Thanks, Greg
  12. I was in Gander Mountain today. I was looking for Magnus Stinger 85 grain for my daughter. They did have a couple of packages of the Stinger Buzzcut 100 grain.
  13. Got out for a couple hours the other night and took Fenway for his first trip on the big lake. Got this picture of him watching the rods. He was very aware they were supposed to do something, unfortunately I was having trouble showing him exactly what. He really seemed to enjoy it, I can't wait to see what he thinks of a king flopping around on the deck.
  14. New in original box never installed depth raider. Has all the original paper work and warranty card. $350 plus shipping. Located in Rochester for local pickup. PM me you are interested. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Lightly used in great condition. Local Pick-Up. Can meet up in the Rochester Area.
  16. Duranautic Deep12 with Honda 9.9 hp four stroke. The boat is a 1982 with 3 bench seats, 3 gallon gas tank, oars, cover and new galvanized trailer with spare. The motor is an early 90's with low hours. I am posting this for my father in-law, please contact him at: Bruce at 585-943-5274
  17. I got several pictures of this deer. I was wondering if anyone has seen this before and knows what it is or what causes it.
  18. I am looking for 1 cannon marlin HP downrigger. Needs to be in good working condition.
  19. I just put 6 of the traxstech (vector style) holders on track on my boat. They are selling them with the adapter plate for track for $60 a piece for 2010. If you are thinking of getting some I would buy before the price goes up.
  20. I have a brand new in the box Depth Raider for sale. The unit is in all of its original packaging and has never been installed. Box contains: - Underwater sensor/transmitter probe unit - Receiver/display unit - Receiving antenna - 25’ antenna-to-receiver coaxial cable with gold plated connectors - 6’ DC power cable with in-line fuse holder and power plug - 200’ coated downrigger cable - Termination kit to connect coated downrigger cable to probe - Rubberized electrical tape - Cannonball drop leader kit $350 Plus shipping gets it. Send me a PM if your interested. Thanks, Greg
  21. I did the floor of my cuddy last year and was really happy with it. I used stuff that was tintable and you spray on. So I tinted it grey to match the interior and it worked great.
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