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  1. You must be the guy my parent's always say has a boat in his driveway on the Farm to Market end of the road where the newer houses are. That's too funny because I was just talking to my Mom today and she was telling me about the guy down the road who's always taking his boat out to go fishing and he had a bigger boat in his yard all year and now he has a smaller boat. Very, very small world! As a kid I spent many a day fishing Patterson pond behind your house catching bass and sunnies in the 70's and early 80's and I would make my mom drop me off down there and pick me up so I could fish all the time because it was too much of a hill to ride my bike back home
  2. Nice brownie like the ones I used to sometimes get off shore at Toughannock in January on live shiners under slipbobbers right at daybreak. I'm sure I didn't spell Toughannock correctly but you get the idea
  3. Thanks and I see you're from my HOMETOWN of Endwell NY. I grew up in Endwell up on Struble Rd on Robinson Hill and lived there until about 1992. My family all still lives there and I grew up fishing Whitney Point and Cayuga and sometimes the susky but we always did great on the walleyes at Whitney, it's just tougher now to get keepers with the 18" size limit.
  4. You missed it by one day at Oneida there walteye. Couple guys I know were out in a boat on Sunday and yesterday and just slaughtered the walleyes in shallow on cranks right in the middle of the day.
  5. Made it to nearby Lake George yesterday with my pals Robb and Ozzy for some last of the year fishing. Very slow day on the lakers for us with only 8 being boated. We fished from 11am til 4pm and it was georgous out there. Very warm sunny day in the southern Adirondacks on what is easily the most beautiful lake in all of NY state. That's it for 2006 and today I'm heading out for walleyes with the boat again in the afternoon to ring in the New Year
  6. Your welcome and yes, sometimes Albany is a place where not much gets done I'm originally from Endwell NY and grew up fishing Cayuga and Whitney Point.
  7. Thanks guys. I live just north of Albany and I'm fishing a couple different lakes and reservoirs in the Saratoga area. Usually by now we're icefishing in the Adirondacks which is close by but not this year, at least not yet.
  8. [quote name="big-o" Any one that is intrested in trying for them... just let me know' date=' I'll set you up with as much info as possible ... help make it a successful trip Phil[/quote] Thanks Phil, that's very kind of you and next fall I may ask you for some more specific advice.
  9. I'm still out about 4 nights a week with the Lund after work doing some trolling. Walleyes are still biting really well with surface temps hovering right around 40 here on the lakes in upstate eastern NY. No monsters but plenty of nice fish up to about 24" which is a good fish around here. I usually troll for about 2 to 3 hours and average one fish per hour at night. Next year I am determined to go and fish Quinte where the small ones are bigger than the biggest ones here Took my buddy Jack out one night and got him into a couple. Since I usually always fish alone I have become the master of the "self timer" on the bow I love those Tiger Roan Floating Supers and so do the walleyes! We have one lake here that offers a nice mixed bag of slabs and smaller eyes which is about the best tasting combo I know of! Probably heading back out tomorrow night for some more until we get some ice to fish on if that ever happens :shock:
  10. I scored an XM satellite radio receiver and 6 month subcription for my Sony stereo in my Lund so I can listen to lots of different stuff while I'm walleye trolling. The other great gift I got was the brand new In-Fisherman cookbook from chef Lucia Watson that is chocked full of great recipes for freshwater fish along with some good tips on cleaning and storing your catch. I learned a lot already and last night I made a killer walleye chowder recipe from the book that was outstanding and very easy to make.
  11. Outstanding fish and pictures. I really need to motivate myself to take my Lund up to Quinte next fall for some of that. The "average" size of those fish is just something you don't see anywhere else. Do you drive up there almost every weekend to fish and where do you like to stay when you go?
  12. My "very reliable" sources say the shore bite is pretty much over at Oneida but if you take the boat out you can do good. I have been doing a lot of night trolling the last couple weeks at a different lake not too far from there and catching some very nice walleyes up to 24". It's not fast and furious but I'm averaging about one fish an hour. Surface temps here in upstate NY on most lakes are right around the 40 degree mark give or take one.
  13. I'm running the Navionics Hotmaps premium chip in my Lowrance 26c and I couldn't be happier with it. It's not totally accurate but it's pretty close for the lakes I'm fishing here in eastern and central NY. Sometimes I'm in 10ft of water and it says I should be in 30ft but that's part of the deal because the lakes haven't been surveyed in detail that I fish. I think some of the maps on the chip are just copied from the NYS DEC maps which is why they aren't really detailed but it's better than nothing.
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