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  1. I had a 1975 115hp evenrude sold in 2000 no major problms. rep 1 ign mod.and spark plugs saw people watersking behind it in 2005 still running strong. bought a 1987 140hp io in 2000 replaced belllows,pistons,all bearings,engine coupler,head,exhaust/intake manifold,.020 over shop cost,eng. comp. vent moter,waterpump, thermostate,fuel filters,plugs,coil, just to name a few . plus winterize after every use in cold weather... but if i didnt love the boat id have gotten a new one now it almost is :roll: if ya got the option go with the outboard..my thoughts....................
  2. Ok I lied the check wasent in the mail yet but was on the counter . Ill open it up and add a note to Capt Bob, to post on this site what days they will need help and maybe keep us filled in as the project rolles along.if ya check the oaks archives i think i remember seeing post last year for approx. times of year. 10 cups coffee at starbucks 25.00 -100 grumpy fishermen giving up coffee for a week =50,000 salmon that,ill put your smile back ******(LAST YEAR the pens were assembled april 8th and fish arrived apr.10th) ****** those were ___last years dates only ,,,but im shure that this year should be close to that time of year
  3. nice to see some positave replies i posted simular notice on GLANGLER site last night only to see that it was removed by the moderator or whoever by this morning im not trying to push other websites just trying to keep catching as part of my fishing trips.after buying there mag. for 5 years it sorta pizzes ya off to have them pull a thread which i feel is important to our fisheries.... :x ok i feel better now.. if my 50 bucks helps put 50000 more salmon in the lake i can do with peanut butter and jam for supper one night instead of going out for dinner. dont know if the wife will understand my reasoning but after 20 years she hasnt been able to figure me out yet.. Ray K.
  4. heard this setup mentioned several times in mexico bay area last year anyone got any pics..
  5. for those of us who fish the oak or anywhere on lake onterio PLEASE READ latest fish report (concerns) jan. 27 2007 at www.attheoak.com if ya can help in any way the fishery would appreciate it ... my checks in the mail THANK YOU.. RAY K. and the fishies
  6. Capt. Bill now change that to a slingshot seat and you got a super high speed lift on the slopes. be the first lift faster getting to the top than it takes to ski back down
  7. Been using 65lb pwr pro on one rod for several years great with slide dypsys. changed the other back to braided wire , never had problem with braided line(power pro or simular)fact it was kinda nice getting rid of kincking concerns.....also ya dont need to pull your dypsys if ya get a rigger release for fear of cutting your rigger fish and lure off on the wire.. but wire seems a little better for reaching target depth that ya need to be at and after much debate on this subject on the old forum im tucking my tail and catching more fish on wire... (salmon) . now if ya want steelhead go with 65 pro with green slider put on gr dolphin let out 125ish ft set dypsy let out another 180 ft if there their you got em .. with 20 to 30 trips to L.O. this summer this combo worked EVERY trip .P.S. when i fish im usually the first boat out of the shute at the oak and one of the last ones to come in so if this setup doesnt work in the first 20 min of trying dont give up as this is a big fish rig and if you target the big steelies they are farther and fewer in between than most. Good Luck Ray K.
  8. UPGRADY sounds like your wife is a little more computer savey than you think BUT if you burn a copy of this post at least your boss will understand why your in file is getting bigger than the out file :shock:
  9. on order ,,,,Thanks guys . Ray K.
  10. cannon rocker,big jon rocker, (maybe not)dypsy rocker,dock rocker,salmon,trout,bass ect. rocker, knocker--------- im done!!! good luck keep rocking.
  11. mine fine too... maybe we should fire them all... wait they volenteer their time that wont work ,could cut their pay in half,lets see 1/2 of "0"= "o" that will teach em...i arnt no technishion just e mail em with your problem ..I did and they returned my call promptly and fixed the problem ASAP well it took a couple days but well worth the wait... Good Luck ..and SMILE
  12. got out twice early jan. 1st trip ran a little north where the fishes hung out last year nothing picked up a dozen or so trolling back south..2nd trip stayed on so. end and found wads of bait stacked from 100 to 165 ft over 200+ water ..looks like last years 50 to 100 fish january days were just a fluke oh well better to have it happen one year than never at all..decided to rebuild moter got it 90% back togeather yesterday forgot to get manifold gasket sort of slowes ya down should have it running by next weekend if its 20 or above ...... if so ill have a report ..looks like now the so end will be back to normal 50 to 75 ft with sliders 44S hammerd silver/brass--purple/brass ,or/wht., brass /org., blk/silver . small size should get ya started... good luck Ray K. [safty gear is a must in this weather no 2nd chances}
  13. 2nd those blacks, i use the roamers stackers for salmon stuff and deeper fishing i rige em a little diff. from the instructions quicker and easer to release . easyly adjustable also but if you drop stuff[clumsy] dont use these youll be buying line holders every trip.pinch type work great i like the cable grips that that look like a big diaper pin for lack of better way to describe
  14. now ya know why we call em {oil cans}... but a small spring brown or any fish for that matter if ya cut there gills and let em bleed out on a strin ger while alive,then remove gills and guts and pack on ice your on your way for some good eating. also the [mud vain] down the sides is actually the latteral line somewhat of another organ this also should be removed for best taste{my own opinion}. also fresh water fish has to be spiced up a little for my taste i think there was a recipe thread on the old board . with fishing still a little ways off maybe someone would like to start a how to cook ,can,smoke,freeze thread again.... ill nominate that idea......
  15. opps i/o and id rather watch the other gender rather than my own....
  16. does anyone know of a overtemp/low oil press. alarm that works well ? ive been noticing a lot more bags and trash ,not to mention weeds floating around speccialy lake onterio. guages are fine if ya keep one eye on them . but by the time ya watch where your going,gps,fish finder,cell phone,rods,beer,aqua view,chicks on boats around ya, ya tend to forget the unimportant things like your instrument panel....a little bell alarm would be nice to wake you up if ya sucked someones plastic bag on your water intakes... found some on internet but was looking for some input from someone who installed one . thanks Ray K. new engine 3500.00 alarm 40to 100 bucks hmmmmm.
  17. www.marineengine.com then call napa the part numbers are the same as there stock numbers parts are cheeper at napa or about the same without shipping cost. just ordered everything to go .020 over new berings pistons, seals, should have like new moter for under 6 bills includeing boreing and machine work.nice website.
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