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  1. Thanks for the info. Yeah Yukon, it's not like I'm trying to sell my car or something.
  2. Would like to rent a lakeside place on the southern half of Cayuga. Should sleep 4 to 6 with not too many steps. It would be for about a week and after Labor Day. Thanks in advance. Neil Contact [email protected]
  3. I believe "that guy" is P.T.Barnum. Hey Muskybob, how many people figured out how many legs were on the bus?
  4. Hey Youarenuts, I was up to Dean's Cove a couple weeks ago. Wacked a 30 incher right out of the shute. We turned North and fished up to that point. They were hitting so well we had to go into shore and hide behind a tree to change lures. Had best luck with a One-Eyed Mcgee. PM me and we'll hook up sometime.
  5. What is there about rough water on the surface (chop) that causes Salmon to start feeding more that they usually do. Who ever heard of a Lake Trout Chop? :roll:
  6. Hey, areyounuts How did you make out Tuesday? I heard from a friend that they killed them on Monday.He took his girlfriend Sara with him and even she boated a couple of nice ones. I don't have any pics though. Too quick on the draw.
  7. It sounds like one but I don't fish Canandaigua. I don't hear much talk about lamperys on that lake. About 1/3 of the fish we catch out of Cayuga have marks like that but we've never caught one in Kueka that way.
  8. Neil, I think you have the wrong Neil. Neil (Toonfisher) Hey, no problem spending some money in the bars in Sodus.Old sailors are good at that kind of thing. Might get back to you on that.
  9. Glad to see somebody else is interested in Sodus. I haven't gotten out this year yet. Looking for a place to dock overnight on the bay. Toonfisher (Neil)
  10. Anybody know if the place is open this season. I am looking for overnight dockage on Sodus Bay. Hopefully not too far from the shute.
  11. Tank, The Keuka Lake Assoc. has a web site that gives temp. and lake level. Don't know a exact web address but it's out there.
  12. Lost your information in the shuffle. ( should blame it on the PCO ). Let's try it again. [email protected]
  13. The Hammonsport Motel, the ramp is a little rough but it is doable. I launch a 22' pontoon boat there from time to time.
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