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  1. Just a heads up on the entry deadlines as the weather is finally breaking Deadline for Spring Pro Division is Monday April 14th 2014 Deadline for Overall is the captains meeting on Friday the 25th of April at registration Deadline for Amateur Division is Friday night at the captains meeting Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday weigh in will be at the Marina. Quick Weigh In then awards at the Captains Meeting. Please be advised the registration is at Monty's pub on Ontario st. St Catharines. Captains Meeting will be at Monty's at 6:00 pm If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 9056513327 or [email protected] Thx
  2. Last year Tarina construction (Frank Rocha) had a great idea, big TV for big fish of the weekend. Well I'm happy to announce they're back for a second yr! Biggest fish for the sat and sun in either division wins a big screen TV. Thanks again Frank
  3. I have a lowrance lcx112 for sale 10.4 in screen Head unit only 800 Unit is in tonawanda Text me if interested 9056513327
  4. 2013 brought us Great Lakes tackle shop .com as title sponsor for our overall series champion. Truly crowning The King Of The Lake! Www.greatlakestackleshop.com They are back for 2014 and again will be giving $2000 and trophies to the best team this yr welcome back and thank you for your support
  5. Back as a sponsor for the amateur division in the 2014 kotl is fishawk electronics great company awesome service. Thanks Trevor
  6. As we get closer to our first kotl event I would like to welcome back our title sponsor Dreamweaver lures. Thx Shane
  7. Gentlemen Hope things with all of you are going well I know there's a lot of chatter about Spring fishing and ice but I want to reassure you guys that this event is a go. In the past 15 yrs we've seen the ice boom go late and really has never affected us. Does it make fishing tougher? Could or maybe better in the fact that it might be in tight like the old days? Who knows! One thing is its a great weekend to get out and compete as well as seeing our buds we haven't all seen all winter. I'm told the latest the boom can get lifted is the 15 th of April. This gives enough time to get the ice rolling down if needed. Mother Nature always has its way of taking care of business. ****we are very proud to announce our venue partnership with Monty's pub and grill on ontario st St. Catharines. We have decided to move our stage to their parking lot in order to serve you better. This means that we kotl will transport your coolers up the st the the staging area for weighi-in. This enables us to provide a liquor licensed establishment and provide food as you come off the water It's less than a mile from the marina and in my opinion will help us with the whole experience. We will have full details on the mechanics of it all a little later as people enter. for more info go check out www.thekingofthelake.ca
  8. I can't believe I missed all of this till today lol Bill hilts did say something in his article that is 100% cheaters will find a way to cheat! Make the rules, enforce them when needed and have fun. Over the yrs the same guys worry about everyone that cheats. It's a handful of concerned people. We have gone no comm in kotl and it has changed our tournaments to the good. In fact I have a hard time fishing open comm events and we do but definitely look at them differently. Just my 2 cemts.
  9. With a lot of discussions and many different format ideas we have decided to keep the same dates and format. 2013 spring was the largest tournament on the lake and we are excited for the growth possibility for 2014. The site is all updated now and ready to start taking entries when your ready. thekingofthelake.ca will get you info required to participate. I will update some cool things we are trying to get finalized for the event. Yvan
  10. Ace, Its funny I said the same thing yesterday. There must be big things happening!! Lol Hopefully we hear soon in order to plan things out. Always a fun weekend
  11. I have 2 Walker electrics with the chrome bling on them. They look good and are like new. $425 a piece or make an offer looking to get rid of them cal me 905 651 3327
  12. Hey I just saw this as well Ill check into it tomorrow. Mark you stated you were in on the overall on Spoonpullers. But you entered as an Am in the spring. Is your team wanting the Overall or the Am division. You can do both but will be at a serious diadvantange only weighin in 3 fish one of the two days Let me know thx
  13. Hey Mike, Thanks for the heads up. I just went in and changed it to cnd funds. Cut off to register for the Pro division is April 15, 2013. the Am division is the friday registration prior to the captains meeting on Friday the 26th of April. Registration is from 4pm to 6pm. *** 30 teams max for the Am division. I think we are at 12. Not sure will look at the file this week and update everyone. I think we will be at the 30 prior to the friday meeting. Cant wait for the first shotgun start.
  14. Hey guys, Long time coming but we have our new site up. Its basic but clean and easy to use. Please support our sponsors the best we can in order to keep things rolling. The rulles section will be up in next few days but for now its up and going. We havent sent any confirmations out yet and they will be coming soon. If you have any questions call me at 905 651 3327 or come to the marina in St. Catharines www.thekingofthelake.ca (use adresss box not google yet)
  15. so.... are the west end tournaments back up and running in 2013? Last I spoke to some officials they said there would be but its been a month and no talk about it at all. Trying to schedule at least one in. Can anyone that knows for sure pipe in and let us know. Thx
  16. We have another sponsor announcement to make!!! Tarina Construction which is owned and operated by Frank from Team ZASH will be providing a 40" INCH LCD television to the biggest Chinook Salmon of both spring and fall weekends This is biggest fish of all three days and 5 tournaments that go on this weekend Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday Dreamweaver KOTL Main Event Traxstech Saturday Scotty Sunday Deeper Diver Amateur showdown 40 " LCD to the biggest fish of the Weekend!! Thanks Tarina!!!
  17. Well Good things are happening daily right now. As you may or may not know fishawk electronics purchased "Deeper Diver" this yr and with the good vibs that are happening with the amateur division, they decided to Sponsor this side of this. It Is the Deeper Diver Amateur showdown. With this sponsorship the winner will get a free entry in the main event of the next St Catharines tournament. Just to be clear if You Win the Deeper Diver Showdown you get First place Money and an Entry in the main event of the next St Catharines KOTL Tournament. this is a $600 value!!! Thx to our sponsors for making this happen!!
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen!!! We have some announcements to make that we are very excited about. We have finalized some agreements and we are proud to tell you....... Dreamweaver has become our new title sponsor. It is now the "Dreamweaver King Of The Lake" The New Name, New look to come and also a new website. Things will be simple and we will try to keep you updated on scores a little quicker. We have Great Lakes Tackle AKA: Vision Quest Sponsor the overall prize. The overall will be the Great Lakes Tackle King Of The Lake... They will provide an additional $2000 on top of the 50%, 30%,20% split. This is the first time we are able to do so. We have a few more things in store and as we get closer I'll fill you guys in but we also have solidified our 4 major sponsors. Traxstech - Fishawk - Scotty - Dreamweaver. These guys are leaders in our trolling industry and please support them as they support the competition we love.
  19. Thx for the kind words and the interest. After some Time to think about this and trying to reason with this group We have come up with a solution to the questions We are going to open up the division to whatever size boat BUT will have the weather based on an 18ft boat being safe on windy days. This raise the questions on eligibility? ****who is an amateur**** This will be laid out in our rules section of our website when our new website is up and running. Please read as these questions will be asked before you go and fish. The Main Criteria will be - Not getting paid to fish or guide (no charter boat), Not sponsored (not allowed to have sponsored clothing during weigh-in and show), Not having placed top 5 in any major tournaments around the lake, Once you win 2 events you must move up to the main event. We are pretty confident in getting 30 teams and this should be a fun event for all to participate.
  20. 150 covers entry for your team 50 for Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday is extra
  21. I am going to reconsider as the other boards are asking about his too. Boat sizes pose a few things for us but we will look at it and get to you on this.
  22. So far 24 ft is the only criteria. We don't have captain licenses here. but here is my theory. If a charter guy sandbags an am tournament in a 3 fish tournament to save his team 400 bucks in entry he is not too much of a charter guy. I also know some guys that do it as a write off and don't even fish often enough to matter and this is why a 3 fish limit is cool with this as anyone can catch 3 kings to compete. This is really to get people that have never joined us hopefully bridge the gap and get them involved. With all the tournaments going high ticket to enter and the pro ams faltering a little this could very well be a good avenue to set up a farm system to breed new teams. How many teams will catch 10 kings in their day and think.... I wish I would have fish the pro division!! Scoring Instead of changing the world all in one yr we have decided to keep scoring the same way. you can throw out 1 of the one days but you don't get an extra 10 points for fishing all. We found last yr was a huge advantage to throw one score out without giving them an extra 10. We are bringing back some draw prizes as in the past, we have been asked to do that by a lot of people and we are not going to have a beer tent but will have BBQ available with pop and water in a tent as we used to have. Hope this works
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