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  1. I am pleased and excited to announce the first ever Am division to our Spring and Fall events. We have had extensive discussions about this in the past and hopefully this could include some teams that have been on the fence for yrs and create some sort or Farm system to our tournament series. This Tournament will be on Each Saturday of the Spring and Fall Tournaments. Saturday April 27, 2013 Saturday Aug 31, 2013 Blow day will be the sunday 1 day Salmon Tournament 3 largest fish 3 Anglers max 24ft boat or less 6 rods max per boat 6am start 2pm in the pierheads 2:30 in line at weigh in Can register up until the captains meeting or online when we launch new website **All am teams will weigh in first and at 3pm the pros will then weigh in All other rules are the same as the King of The Lake Tournament This is a great way to participate in our events $150 entry Based on 30 teams 1- 2000 2- 1000 3- 500 4- 350 5- 150 Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday is still $50 and you will be able to participate in all of our weekend events including raffles, weigh in show ect...
  2. Vinny, better have some sun chips on board next weekend!! That was a long run with that rig on my back. Looney tunes, Comfort inn 905 687 8890 If yoiu need others i can look for you. Look forward to seeing you guys. I believe there is 52 teams, I have been out of town daily and I think thats what Robyn said. Should be a good weekend!! Yvan
  3. Hey boys Hope you all had a good winter! Springtime is a great time of year and this year we are blessed with some exeptional weather. Kings are around the corner. I would like to wish all tournament competitors the best in the upcoming season. Our Tournaments have not changed at all this year. We believed everything went smooth last yr and want to build on that with previous yrs changes. Change is a good thing sometimes as we will see the evolution of big money tournaments and the new Pro AM format. I am excited for 2012!! We cant wait to compete!! Entry is still the same $600 for the weekend and $50 for Dreamweaver Big Fish Friday. Entriesd must be done online at www.thekingofthelake.com prior to the following deadlines. Spring - Sunday April 15, 2012 - midnight Fall - Sunday August 19, 2012 midnight The Series as most overall competitors know is compiled of 5 tournaments and you pick 4 best scores. The 2 two day tournaments are mandatory. You pick the best scores from the Wilson invitational, and both Big Jon Tightlines shootout. Our Website hasnt been fully updated and still has a few corrections to make but all info neede for the upcoming yr is there. If you have any questions pls feel free to call me at 905 835 8105 or 905 651 3327 Yvan
  4. I have waited for this as there was a lot of talk about proposed changes. I believe the intentions are great and the committee has worked hard to try to find a "solution" Before I continue though one might ask if there was a problem? If dwindling teams are the problem, this is a problem with every tournament that has been around for more than 9 yrs. This 9yr explanation is the average longevety of a tournament and the Pro ams ave been around for over 20 if I can recall. Changes have to made to keep it fresh. Fresh is what people want, look at the one day tournaments, they will dwindle over time as well specially when teams realize the same teams win there as well!! There are excuses not to fish events all over the lake, I been hearing them for 15yrs why teams dont fish this . If your a tournament competitor and you have the drive to fish for money, new formats, different formats, one day two day, whatever it is and whatever the rules go compete!! its a great time and a good time to see buds you don't the rest of the yr. We have changed formats over the yrs and some were good and some were not so good, Time will tell on this as a group but why not give it a chance, why not go with it, you might be pleasantly surprised! The thing on some certain points are valid from both sides. Smaller boats have been at the forfront of topics. Let me tell you a little about this. In Wilson a few yrs ago and also in St Catharines about 5 yrs ago we were faced with the decision to go or not go. Very borderline, In discussions with our committee at the time and some captains the larger boat are rarely the ones to push to go. The smaller boats have always pushed us to go. I mean the 17,18,19 ftrs not he 23,24,25. This being said they beleive to have an advantage if you talk with them. Please dont put words in their mouths. "i always hear the little guys wont like that" No they llike that its maybe the person saying they wont like that trying to rally the troops. No Comm: I have to tell you for many yrs I believed that it could not work with out observers, boy was I wrong!! The absolute best decision we have made to enhance the competitveness amongst teams. I have to say it was nice to come into Niagara for the Pro AM last yr fishing against teams that wouldn't sign the sheet for no comm as I believe they feel they NEED it to compete and do our own thing and conquer. There must be a lot of teams out there imo that look at this format and think " ok not only do I have to fish against the pros now but I have to fish against the pros and their buddies!!" Wow! In Conclusion to my writing session, lol. I like all formats! I love to fish tourneys and love the different strategies involved. Give it a chance and go fish.
  5. I have just read this for the first time and thought i would pipe in with a small comment. Any rules that are part of any tournaments are equal for everyone! It is your choice to enter and compete. I believe that if your a competitve team and want to compete, than do so, and do it in the conditions that is as equal as it can be for everyone. That stems from rules to conditions to ports to whatever else i have forgotten. Tournaments give us a reason to fish and upgrade equipment and for the most of us a reason to get together with some friends for a NON work outing to have some fun..... whatever the rules are!! Rule changes are good and keep things fresh. Life expectancies of any tournament averages approx: 7 years and these guys have done a great job. Its time to change as they are losing market share or for the most part as entry fees become larger less people enter. Keep an open mind and lets compete, its a great time of yr and a lot of fun. Yvan Get It Wet
  6. you just never know until you put an offer together! Like I said in the ad, Someone is going to get a good deal. yvan
  7. sorry was out of town. the boat is an 85, but doesn't look its age! Price is "make me an offer" type of deal. I would like to get as close to 20,000 as possible "BUT" I know someone is going to get a deal!
  8. 25.5 amberjack twin 4.3 mercruiser with alpha ones (35-40 mph) 9.3 beam - 6000 lbs Good trailer included and trailered boat from Quebec to Bowmanville this summer. 4 Cannon mag 10s, rod holder trees new (April) stand up canvas top 9.9 yamaha high thrust This is a good boat with engines under the floor. it is a perfect big yet small great lakes boat. I can run the boat in the next week but will winterize soon. What I would like for the boat is sort or irrelevant at this point as it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It comes with a survey that was done in June. If you are looking for a good deal on a good boat call me at 905 651 3327 I will take any good reasonable offer. Short term financing is available. Yvan
  9. You know the greatest thing about all of this is how passionate everybody is with their sport. Even through all the digs guys keep plowing away to know more and to get better. This was an idea that I tossed around for many years as I believe it is another reason to compete. Here goes Let's Call it the LOU TRIPLE CROWN Lets have the scores posted here. Kevin will hold the money as discussed and I will forward scores Payout will be done at the Niagara Pro AM Total points will be accumulated in all three events. There is a possibility of 10 fish in KOTL - 6 fish in WHI - and 24 fish in PRO AM 1 - 70% and plaque 2 - 30 % $200 payable in St Catharines at the captains meeting. If there is not 10 teams you get your money back and we don't do it. I think we may be surprised Captains carry score from tourney to tourney Lets get this list started Get it Wet Thrillseeker Vision Quest ?
  10. yes you can use your cell phone camera no our scales are not accepted by the loc You can go weigh in after our weigh in as long as you weigh your fish with KOTL first Yvan
  11. Three tournaments - three different events - three different formats one thing in common competition in the west end!! Anyone interested! Thinking of $200 side bet winner gets 70% and a plaque runner up gets 30% and honorable mention We can collect at the captains meeting of the st catharines KOTL and payout at the Pro AM in Niagara Total points KOTL SPRING - WHI - NIAGARA PRO AM --- Who's in!
  12. I have revised the list and will as more come This is the biggest field ever in the overall Yvan
  13. These are the guys that have confirmed with me there may be changes as money for overall is not due for some till later but half have sent paid confirmations and the rest verbal. Here is the list of the teams vying to challenge Twofish is his quest to repeat as The King of The Lake Vision Quest Striker Royal FLush Get It Wet Rod Wrestler Last Minute Rockets Rock and Troll We Pound Em Split Decision Pacific TIme Mike Snow (team Name?) Lord Of the Kings Net Profit Thrillseeker Fast Lane Wavetamer Twofish Pandemonium Mid River Marina Silver Junkies Fishdance This is 22 a 20% increase of from last yr with maybe more to come. All entries have to be in by the 18th of april for the Spring St Catharines tournament and the Overall entries is due at the captains meeting of the spring event This is a great field of competition and look forward to seeing you guys on the water Yvan
  14. just a reminder, April 1 is the cutoff for the guys that havent's entered WHI. It is full but you can still get in if you enter the overall competing. Who is going to be the KING OF THE LAKE Entered for overall so Far. Vision Quest Striker Royal FLush Get It Wet Rod Wrestler Last Minute Will ad to the list as we get them in. Yvan
  15. Yes Tom I agree!! In the past 12 years we havent had 3 complete blow days that I recall and las t yr was crazy. So bad that it was a no brainer on 4 of the 5 days cancelled. not even partial days. Its just around the corner now and with the excitement from all the evnets I think its safe to say the tournament schedult will be fun and the boys will spend a good amount of time tougether Yvan
  16. Hey guys, Long overdue but we finally got the website somewhat finished with a few updates left. 2011 brings us an exciting format for the overall champion and who is going to take over from our existing King Of The Lake Two fish Karl. Check out the website at www.thekingofthelake.com to see what's new. We are taking registrations now for all tourneys. One very important thing is for you captains that are not in the wilson event that want to fish our overall you can get in by paying online the overall fee and at that point I will let the Wilson boatyard know to accept your entry into their event. The cutoff for that will be April 1 12:00 noon. Hope you guys weathered well this winter. Yvan
  17. thanks for the inquiry. At this time we dont have dates or venues confirmed. We will have them in the next couple of weeks. Hope this works for you Yvan
  18. Hey Guys and Gals We are looking for a few people that would like to observe in our Scotty King Of The Lake Tournament in Oswego next weekend. You would have to be there at 4:45 and ready to watch and learn from the top teams on the lake. This is a Salmon only tournament and these teams are chomping at the bit for the big ones. This would be for the Sunday only and we are going to place you on one of the top ten boats from saturdays scoring. Call me or text me your info if interested 905 651 3327 Yvan
  19. hey you got me kind of off guard with your comments and went and reread my post to make sure I didn't put everyone in the same bowl. I must tell you to re read my post where it says that not ALL observers but SOME dont know one end of the rod and SOME are put up front and drunk. But again my comment was all this cheating in MI with Observers! In an article BC2 said they havent done anything the other winning teams haven't done in the past. does that mean the observers in all the other boats has let this go as well? Sorry if you took it personnally not meant to hurt anyone. The observer thing can work but you must educate these people in order for them to know the rules of that individual tourney and if an questions arise they must ask to get a ruling. Yvan
  20. Hey guys, It's that time of the year Deadline if fast approaching and for some teams that plan on fishing please spread the word. This is one of the finest venues that we have been part of and fishing should heat up while we are there. We have some teams coming from Canada this year that didnt come last year and should make for good competition. If you are having problems entering through paypal contact Tom from Attomik and you can drop off money there for us to pick up. If you have any questions that cant be answered through our website www.thekingofthelake.com please call me at 905 651 3327 Look forward to seeing you there yvan
  21. Vince, Very well said! In fact to add to your comments if I may. I find it very disburbing to hear how gray areas work because all participants understand what the rules state prior to parcipating. In the past we have DQ a box for cetain rules that had to be enforced and hated the fact we called it DQ because for example they are late or forgot to sign in in the morning ect.. not cheating just rules that are to be followed. but yet they are brushd with the same stroke as the guy that has extra rods in the water. We should police ourselves #1 and have rules that can be enforced #2 The Intent of the rule should superseed the rule! If you intend to leave a small fish on a core in order to wait for the bigger fish to come YOU ARE CHEATING! just because you see it and noone on your boat knows about it doesn't meant it OK. its cheating just like knocking a small fish off The intent was to kill a fish in order to get a bigger box. In My opinion it is very hard to get 4-6 grown adults to cheat all at the same time without it coming out sometime. For the money we are fishing for you may be able to get a cheater to act in a derby where they are 1-2 anglers but in a tournament style you cant shut that many people up for life, it always comes out. While we are on this topic, what the hell where the observers doing? Nothing as most observers are there to learn and watch on. Most observers we have had are great guys but dont know the rules and some dont even know what end of the rod to hold. I have heard of teams that stick them up front and dont see anything and others that are so drunk they cant write. Ask yourselves why do we have them. Should we worry that much about everybody else cheating or just worry about putting our own fish in the boat? One of rules to look at make it where there is culling and you never have to worry about fish that are legal thrown back. The best chance issue wouldn't have been an issue. Yvan
  22. pm me or email me [email protected] I will send some. Boat is in St.Catharines for viewing Yvan
  23. 1995 Carolina Classic New - 2010 - 30hp Tohatsu EFI kicker New 2009 Hydraulic steering system with kicker linked up Raymarine st6002 Autopilot Moor Sub Troll Standard Horizon VHF Radio 2 Scotty 1106 twin 385hp fuel injected volvo penta port - 535hr strb - 150hr Great Boat! Bought another rig and do not want to be a 2 boat owner. No reasonable offer will be refused Negotiable on equipment taken please call Yvan -905 835 8105 905 651 3327
  24. Hey guys, Thank you to all that are participating. This is one of the best fields we have ever had if not the best. We are looking for some volunteer obsevers to be put on top ten boats from day 1 for Sunday. You will be required to be there on Sunday at 5am and be there till teams have weighed in. Weigh in is at 3pm. This is a great way to be on a boat for a day to learn new tactics and possibly get that winning feeling that teams get. It is contagious! please email me at [email protected] with your contact info and I can get back to you. Thank you Yvan
  25. 2 days to go for Spring Registration Good field so far in St. Catharines Yvan
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