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  1. Hey Guys, Spring tourney is shaping up well in St Catharines. You have until April 12th at noon to register. Go tou our website www.thekingofthelake.com and follow intructions. Look forward to seeing you there. Yvan
  2. thank you for the interest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are happy to have the website up and running and we are accepting entries. The cut off for St. Catharines spring tourney is April 12th at noon. The cut off for the Wilson event is april 26 at noon Thanks Yvan
  3. I have a complete furuno 1832 radar unit for sale $1500 Furuno fcv1000 - $600 may be able to get transducer off the boat if not can get a new one for you for questions 905 651 3327 yvan
  4. Hey Dex What we need is Nick to come on here, have a few drinks and give him a keyboard, Then we will really get some info on Thrillseeker.
  5. I am not part of the pro ams but do get these same questions asked to us as well with our events. It is very hard to police this rule. it is hard enough to police the rules that are in place now and with all the protests and disqualifications that they have had in the past I think it's a good move to not venture down this road of no - communication. The bottom line is this, the rules are even for everyone on the water, if you want to talk, go ahead, if you don't want to, don't! By the sounds of everybody that is speaking out it will be pretty quiet next year anyway as no one wants to communicate. Let me ask everyone that is reading this, "when have you seen anyone win because of a phone call?" NEVER. When have you fished the first day at one spot with 10 boats and the next day fish with 60 boats? LOTS Should we put a gag order on all teams at night to stop that communication? NEVER. More times than not the info you get doesn't help you it hurts you. I think you don't lose a lot of teams due to this rule, it is just another excuse not to fish a tournament. Let's make these events the most fun they can be. More Fun = More Teams / More Rules and disqualifications = Less Teams I think part of the fun is competing against your close friends, you know one day you get him, the next he gets you. Part of that is talking throughout the day to find out how he is doing and not so much sharing specific fishing info. Think of these points before you roast me on this just my 2 cents worth Yvan
  6. I think there was a fewq teams that did not weigh in on either days. Without weight our computers don't record anything there was 67 teams entered. Yvan
  7. Forgot to mention, Wilson salmon slam is on the Saturday of the King Of The Lake wvent. $10000 cash and priaes to be had. FREE! no entry fee!! Wilson boatyard and the town of Wilson have rallied the troops to make this an unforgetable weekend. Look forward to seeing you there Yvan
  8. Hey Guys, Wilson event is filling up and with 10 days to go with registration I am anticipating a strong finish. We have 74 teams in St. Catharines and afew teams missedthe cutoff and with that bring an $18,000 first place payout! 10th place is $750 Call the Wilson Boat yard or myself at 905 651 3327 if you have any questions. You can enter Online through our website, send a cheque or money order to the office or simply bring it to the Wilson boat yard. $550 cnd for the main event $605 Cnd for the friday big fish and main event $460 Us for the Main event $510 Us for the Big fish Friday and Main Event The Wilson Salmon Slam is a free one day Tournament put on by the Wilson Boat yard and will be giving out cash and prizes for the biggest box of the Saturday. There are a lot of things planned around this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks Yvan
  9. Online registration is now open. check out Our website www.thekingofthelake.com Cutoff for St. Catharines and Wilson is fast approaching. If you have questions call me at 905 651 3327 or office 905 835 8105 Yvan
  10. hey there, Just got in and saw this and I have to appoligize if someone didn't get back to you. If you have any questions call me direct at 905 651 3327 cell best place these days. Yvan
  11. no they don't At the start of each weekend you name up to 6 members on your roster. Out of that 6 you can fish as little as 2 anglers. 2 rods per person to a max of 8. 2-6 anglers per boat. Hope this helps Yvan
  12. Hey guys, We will have a booth at the following shows. Spring fishing and boat show, Lotsa expo, Montreal Sportsmen show, Toronto sportsmen show, Grand Rapids fishing show, St. Catharines game and fish derby kick off night. Come by and see us Yvan
  13. Check out our new site All info there to sign up. We will be updating frequently feel free to ask questions. www.thekingofthelake.com Yvan
  14. Jeff I have sent you a note via Email. Hooked up You can't leave your boat on land in our series this year. It must be docked overnight for multi reasons but the the tournament commitee will assess you your slip, times for meetings and festivities going on each weekend 1 week prior to the tournament for your convenience. This will make life easier for marinas and participants as you will know where to go and how much to pay when arriving at the facility. Yvan
  15. Another small comment I would like to make here is regarding this potential new tournamnet on the Monday following the Pro/Ams in Niagara and Oswego. It was listed that the possible entry fees being around $1000.00. I for one must admit that our team would be quite concerned that another "select few" participants or organizers would be able to review all of the Pro/Am teams score sheets which list the exact time, waypoints, estimated size and bait the fish was caught on prior to Monday morning! Is there positively a way to prevent that? Here we go again?!?!?!? This was posted earlier. I think you have a point. To have this kind of entry fee and dollars involved it is only right that the committee gives every team the same info available. Really though, why do we have to tell the commitee where and how we have caught our fish. If we have observers shouldn't they have all the say in how and why things are on the boat. Please do not take this in a wrong way, I am not saying they are cheating. Just simply saying that there is a disadvantage if you don't see the info. Yvan
  16. Hey guys. Thanks for the interest. It is very exciting to bring this new tournament series to your side of the pond. We are anticipating many great days on the lake this summer. Our new website should be up very soon and we will be launching our maketing program in order to fill the fields to a maximum of 100 boats per event. To come over to our side is pretty painless unless you have prior convictions of some kind. Prior to June 09 all you require to cross will be Drivers license, birth cetificate and ownership of the vessel. If you run your boat over you call imagration and tell them who you are and they might come to check the boat out and maybe not. We have secured some great sponsors that will help make this series awesome. Hopefully you can join us. Can't wait for Spring! Yvan
  17. Tom You have some very good points. I know this is something that comes up in a lot of meetings. As a fisherman I could care less if there is communication. If it is allowed we talk and if not we don't. I have not seen the advantage either way because the info you get sometimes screws you up more than helps. As an organizer it is a nightmare with all the complaints. The observer deal is the biggest rule in place that deters teams. The one thing I can personnaly tell you is people find excuses not to fish the events because of one reason or another. Instead of a little effort in putting a team together and fishing which at times is challenging they opt out and blame everybody else for their own reasons. Like I said before, Try one of these events you might just enjoy yourselves! Yvan
  18. As an Organizer of tournaments and a participant in many others I believe observers are not the answer. Tried on our side and it was very frowned upon. Main reason I think is because most observers are putting time in and don't really know what there job is or even know the rules. If it was the answer there wouldn't be a problem a many weigh-ins like they do now. These tournaments give anglers a chance to put their skills on the line on an even playing field for a weekend under the same conditions fishing the same hours head to head. That's the exciting part. Make no mistake that there is no comparison whatsoever to a Derby/Lottery. There are many great fisherman that fish Derbies but it is what it is. Rules should be in place and enforced. If you can't enforce them then you should not have it in. A lot of you talk about communication. It can't be enforced properly and will always have protest on this rule. Tournament nightmare. Open it up and don't worry about it. The border-- open it up and no problems again. The fact that is against the law is false. The organizers what the fish to be caught on the american side and I don't blame them, the county is the main sponsor. If the Winning fish came from the other side year after year so would tourism dollars eventually. What I can tell you today is there are 2 King Of The Lake tournaments coming to the American side in 2009 with $25,000 Guaranteed 1st, $10,000 2nd and paying a guaranteed 10 spots. No Observer, Lie detector in force, Weigh your best 5 kings or Coho's total points. We are excited to finally bring this quality of tournament to Lake Ontario. We will have a press Release later this week. Yvan
  19. 28' Trophy "1985" Great economical fishing boat Drop it in the water and fish!! Come for a test drive now. 2008 - 1 - Lowrance LCX113hd fish finder 2008 - 1 - Lowrance LCX113hd Charplotter 2008 - 1 - Raymarine Autopilot (hooked up to kicker as well) 2008 - 1 - Built in Fish cooler (permanent with drain) 2008 - new gauges 2008 - new Vortec 350 315hp (crate engine purchase)125hrs 2008 - new Volvo Duoprop outdrive 2008 - 25hp Tohatsu EFI Four Stroke Kicker 2008 - custom swim platform with kicker bracket 2008 - 2 - 1116 Scotty Downriggers 2008 - 6 ft Traxtech track on ea side 2008 - 4 - Orca dipsy rod holders 2008 - 2 - Scotty rod holder tree 1990 Trailer with new tires installed in Oct 2007 Warranty on most items for another year Storage available if needed for winter Price is $30,000 Home # 905 835 8105 Cell # 905 651 3327 [email protected]
  20. I ave fished against these guys and they are a class act from minute one. They fish hard and promote the industry. But one thing, they fish the pro division.
  21. late 80's 400 hrs in good condition Are you looking for long block or complete?
  22. complete 350 mercruiser for sale Sell complete or as a dressed long block Asking $2200 complete Yvan 905-835-8105 905-651-3327
  23. 28 trophy, single engine, trailer=== more savings === fish more tournaments
  24. Yankee, I am sincere when I say I did not intend to put Screamer into this and my comments were truthlfully generalized with tournaments. Every team that fishes pro ams put a lot of money and effort to make these events happen and we do not want them to go away. This discussion was about rule changes and ideas and I still believe in what I said. If you look at the pro division they are not all charter captains. In fact maore than 1/2 are weekend warriors that prefish 1-2 days. That doesn't put them in a lesser caliber. Some weekend guys would put some charter captains to shame. Like I said amateur division should be for amateurs.
  25. I was not even mentioning names at all. It was a general comment. Having said that and again nothing against screamer, if you are walking the walk why not fish the pro division. Why not? because the rules alloy this to happen. If amateur teams were true amateur teams they woulnd't be sponsored more than the pro teams. Please do not take this out of context, all I am saying is if the rules stated that if you are affiliated, sponsored, employed or associated with a tackle manufacturer you are deemed a professional. This would make guys either jump to pro or become amateurs again. Unlike racing, being affialiated with a tackle manufacturer does help you on fish.
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