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  1. Have had a similar experience on my property in Chenango County, NY. 54 acres surrounded by a couple thousand acres of state land. Have owned the property for 14 years and initially, couldn't do anything wrong and shot some nice birds but over the past few years, fewer and fewer turkeys, and this season, not even a gobble. What I have found though is a number of pictures of Fishers on my trail cams, which a local wildlife expert told me will take turkeys right off the roost at night. So, with an area with a large population of coyotes, now fishers, along with the hawks, foxes, and now martins, turkeys are not surviving and replenishing like they were several years ago. Not sure if it is the whole reason, but something has sure decimated the turkey population around me. Even the gray squirrels are gone, which use to number in the hundreds.
  2. I had a similar problem earlier this season with the small vent hole having oil dripping from it onto my driveway, which is intented to drain water from the lower unit, not oil. The problem was with a small seal/gasket between the lower unit and the upper outdrive that ended being folded over (not seated properly) allowing the oil to get into where only water should be. Not sure if this is what your issue is, but sounds a lot like what happened to me. Fixed the gasket and the problem is gone.
  3. Here is a forum, similar to this one, that has some good info on what's happening at the Bay of Quinte. http://forums.quintefishing.com/phpBB2/ ... f9cdf498b7 You'll need to scroll down to see the forum as they have a lot of advertisements at the top.
  4. Payment sent via Paypal. 2XL for me, forgot to put in Paypal transaction. Thanks Tom and have a great Christmas!
  5. Nice bass Indymusky! The soap I belive is... http://www.defishingsoap.com/ This is used to clean smells of bait and fish from your hands, but I'm suspecting Indymusky might be using it to remove some human smell before touching his baits. Indy, only you can confirm my suspicions.
  6. I use the Control King on my 9.9 Evinrude kicker and am very happy with the control I have. Very easy to control the speed, and easy to install. I would recommend this product. Lou
  7. Nick, we also watched this from about 1 mile off and also wondered why no SOS. Tony is a good friend of UnkelJim's and myself and what he told us later that day is that once he realized the boat was sinking, he could not get back to the radio, easily any ways, and the Harry O Charters was already on the scene. He was more concerned at that time with getting his passengers in vests and off safely than making a call for help that was already there. If he were out there alone and needed to make a call for help, I know Tony, he'd follow the boat to the bottom to get off a mayday if he had to. The guy in the cabin was a friend of Tony's getting vests for everyone from what I understand, but got caught in there as the boat went down quicker than one would imagine. Great job and thanks to all that assisted, as we all should do when the need arises. Lou
  8. Sold For sale: (2) Cannon Mag 10 Downriggers (older units): * 2' booms * Pedestal mounts for each * wiring harnesses for each * one missing terminal end on cable * Both functioning units In addition, with the 2 working units, I am including a Cannon Mag 10 with a 4' fixed boom that has a bad motor and missing circuit breaker. If you want a longer boom on one of the units above, the 4' boom can easily be swapped out with the 2' boom. This unit also has the full wire harness with it and many other good parts. I am asking $300 for the package. The units are located in Greene, NY but I'm flexible (within reason) if someone wanted to meet part way to see them. If interested, give me a PM.
  9. Waterwalker, we use large jigs, usually Kastmasters tipped with a minnow or two. Fish them in about 25' of water about a foot off the bottom. In Canada where we were, tip ups are a rare site, most fish by jigging for them.
  10. Planning another trip up here in the next week or two, so the invite is always open Brian. I've seen fish like these come through the ice there time and time again so good chances for more like them. The problem many times it catching the smaller "eater" size eyes. Thanks YT and Bill. Actually there's room for Landshark at the honey hole, the more the merrier. Stan, it's actually not that bad. You catch one fish through a hole in the ice and your hooked. Add in the social aspect of it, the beer, venison steaks with peppers and onions and it's even better. And... it helps pass the winter months away until we can get out boats back on the lake.
  11. You know it Gray, a rabbit's foot, lucking penny, or should I say "Looney" while in Canada, definately something since even the Canadian's weren't catching anything. I know, it must have been my superior guiding experience and knowledge of the bay that did it, yeah, that's it.
  12. Trip north of the border this past weekend for some hard water walleyes. Bite was very slow and while I did not get a bite all day, Unkel Jim and his son Tyler did manage to pull two monsters through the ice. Tyler's was 12.5lbs and Jim's 11lbs.
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