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  1. Reduced!!!! 11k Twin 5.7 mercruisers run excellent

    furuno fishfinder, Lowrance hds, scotty electric downriggers, rod holders, rocket launchers, etc. in the water and ready to fish at wrights landing in oswego. asking $11,000.00 call or text 607-221-4783

  2. 1987 27 foot Searay Amberjack Hardtop




    Freshwater boat in very good condition

    10 foot beam

    twin 5.7 Mercruisers, runs excellent


    Ready to fish

    Furuno fishfinder, radar, hds gps, depth raider speed and temp. New aft curtains and upholstery.

    scotty electric downriggers, rod holders, rocket launchers, planer reels, wash down, etc

    7,,500.00 call or text 607-221-4783










  3. A hot shower on the back of the cannibal from Hannibal's boat is just the " ticket" for a cop.

    Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Lake Ontario United mobile app

    Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Lake Ontario United mobile app

  4. I think we are all being waaay too cordial here. For "Petes" sake I thought the guy already was reitred. What working stiff could be on the boat 4 hours away from home on a Thursday morning and not leave until Sunday @ noon every single weekend of the season and still be employed????? The sheriff's retirement is bittersweet. It really only means there will be more verbal "beatdowns" for the crew aboard the ON THE LAM. :lol:

    All kidding aside, Congratulations Pete! Well done buddy. Enjoy your family. Cant wait until Jake is a fixture on the Red Dock. :yes:  :sun:

    I put together a "top 10" signs that Pete has retired below.




    10. Pete will have more booze on board than Al and Mary

    9. Glen will have empty beer cans in pete's boats cabin as deep as he measures the snow. By the foot!

    8. Buddy ( aka HAUS) will have food crumbs 1/2" deep in the back of Pete's boat and Jake will be the "wheel man" screaming Jersey explitives at all those who need it and those who dont.

    7. Steamers will have a private seat at the bar for "the sheriff"

    6. Jersey Jim (AKA sloooow talker) will speek at a "normal" jersey speed from fishing with Pete so much

    5. Uncle dirty wont be the only one getting his mail on the red dock

    4. Bobo from addiction will need another liver

    3. Terry and John wont be the only ones with two boats a piece on the dock

    2. John the mayor and Pete will be drinking out of a plastic cups and wearing a life preservers at night

    1. There is a 3rd garbage barrel at the end of red dock full of Petes favorite beverages

  5. So sorry I missed your birthday bash Al. :cake: Sounds like it was a good one. Also looked like it lasted about 4 days too. Really wish I got to see your late night seminar on chumming for bluegills. :puke: Mary get any pics? Maybe next year.

  6. Musky, very true. Lol. Great crew who would do anything for each other. Not a bit surprised the "sheriff" helped out in a flash. Least he could do after the day long verbal jersey beating I'm sure he got. :lol:

    Rob would have helped but he had a fresh chenango county coffee he would have had to put down. think that's the second save on that dock by a jersey slow talker.

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  7. mossberg 535 31/2" turkey gun. tube and camo comes with it. inexpensive but very functional. kicks a bit because it is light. you wont notice the kick when you make a bird breakdance. I shoot a 10 gauge which is overkill and heavy but it is deadly. 3 1/2 12 gauge is very close to the 10 gauge

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