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  1. Most gauges I have seen are non conductive material where they come in contact with the panel. Could be an issue but I would check your output in terms of volts coming out of your alternator. I am sure your voltage regulator is internal within your alternator. Could be putting out too much voltage. Should be about 12 volts. I had a striped that put out 14 volts and spiked gauges and ran like crap at higher rpm. Just another easy test that may help. Keep us posted.

  2. The waterfowl community lost a great ambassador of the sport today. Robert Clobridge passed away today. He had a genuine passion for water fowling and being in the blind with friends. He took me on my first duck hunt and introduced me to the sport. We spent countless hours in the blind together and shared many laughs and discussed life in general. He was a great friend and will be missed dearly. Rest In Peace buddy.

  3. I have called the dec and responded to several surveys regarding the duck season dates to no avail. I don't know a waterfowler in NYS that agrees with the current duck and goose season dates. In my opinion the duck season should open in oct. and close at the end of Jan or maybe even into march. I agree with John 1947, the late season closes and then the birds show up. 3 week long late season is a joke. I am not sure why they ask for hunter input if they don't utilize the information.

    I also believe the waterfowl zones are a joke. You cant convince me that these zones help control and manipulate waterfowl populations the way they are set up now. The state has created a goose hunting zone and season that you need to be a cartographer to understand where you are legal to kill geese. Ask some waterfowlers if goose season is open and you will get several different answers. Seems that hardly anybody knows when and where the season is open without a intense internet study and debate. This state is literally covered up with sky carp. The latest goose season (aka) spring season is crazy. During this season, I couldn't kill a goose around my house legally but could drive 5 miles and hunt geese legally. What is the rationale for that?

    Very frustrating to hunt waterfowl in NYS to say the least.

  4. Looking to upgrade the BID ignition system on my boat. She has twin 4bbl carburated 5.7 mercruisers. I want to upgrade because I can not get the port engine to stay running when docking. I have had both carbs professionally rebuilt and tuned once put back in the boat. I have changed plugs and wires and also checked the timing. Both engines run and troll perfectly except when docking. Shifting in and out of gear while docking is when the port engine stalls. I suspected it was the shift interrupter hanging up but not convinced of that yet. I know others have upgraded the ignition systems in their boats. What do you guys recommend? Hank, you know you will be doing the work. Lol getting tired of entertaining the red dock while docking.

  5. Lol I love it Pete! My family and friends have bought more firearms and ammo in the last 6 months than we have in the last 10 years. Had the pleasure of emptying a few clips out of a custom built assault rifle. Never thought I wanted one until I was told I might not be able to get one. My personal home defense gun depends on which room I am in. Never have to go more than a step or two to get a hold of one or two.

  6. Well my wife's stepfather is to blame for my (boat's)name. Seasquirrel. Not really my boats name however as I have no actual name on my boat. I used to have a seaswirl boat which was referred to as "seasquirrel" which has stuck even after I bought my current Searay Amberjack. Guess it will have to do until I find a replacement name.

  7. Sharky,

    Man I can remember the Oswego college daze slopping around with snow up to my ears. Pretty unique part of the country. Those tough winters with nothing to do prob has something to do with the genetics up there as well.

    JERSEY JIM ( A.K.A slow talker), who are you kidding???? A 12 pack???? That wouldnt even get you back from the store. Emergency 120 pack perhaps.

  8. Hey Frank,

    You only posted the tackle you had crammed in your boats sink. Maybe you should hoe out the cabin for another sale. I will take 4 trout rod/reel combos! Heck, why dont you post the blowup doll you left in Pete's boat, the blue truck nuts you put on my boat and your library of adult movies you keep in that floating sin bin you call HOME OFFICE! :lol:

  9. Hawks, owls, skunks, raccoons, possum, coyotes, etc put a hurting on the grouse around our area. I wont even hunt them as I feel guilty taking one around my area. I grew up grouse hunting on the farm and they were plentiful. Rare to see a flush anymore

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