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  1. There seems to be very few (if any) smelt left in Keuka, but what about the sawbellies. Are they on the decline as well?
  2. Are there any northern pike in Keuka Lake? ds
  3. Smelt

    There doesn't appear to be any smaelt left in Keuka. They used to run up my little stream by my cabin. ds
  4. OK. What's going on at the Oak? I hear you almost need to be armed to fish there. ds

    Seneca doesn't freeze over ...
  6. Bass Season

    Many of the finger lakes are catch & release for bass starting the first Sat in May. Keuka is one of them. Pretty soon the whole state will be with a few exceptions. dave
  7. Conesus 12/23

    One thing about smallmouth, and I fish all summer on Keuka, is that they're in close to shore early mornings & during the evening. I usually fish poppers with the flyrod, and I start getting excited as dusk approaches.