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  1. 2 Cabelas Triple Systems with Quick Draw rod holders 2 Cabelas 360 HT rod holders for dipsy rods 4 Mounting plates for Berts tracks Over 350 invested sell for 275 Thanks for looking
  2. Is it still possoble to put a boat in at the IBay launch? If not, directions to the river launch would be appreciated. Thanks BS2
  3. Ray, I've never fished Senaca but thought I might try a few cruises to check the boat out before going further north. Would you share some info on lures depths etc. I would prefer to launch at Watkins as I will be coming up from Genesee PA. Thanks BS2
  4. I wired mine to the out on the switch. This allows me to utilize either battery for their use. The onlt implement I wired to a seperate battery was my electric trolling motor. This will eliminate the possibility of draining both batteries. Another helpful tip if you install the switch is to not run the switch in the both batteries position. Excessive amp draw on your engines charging systen can result. BS2
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