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  1. I had some that did the same thing. I sent them in and received brand new ones to replace them. Can't complain about that. Love the Berts holders.
  2. Yes, that is the grease I used. The detents on my newer ones have rounded ends. On the worn ones this area is almost sharp. Don't know if it is an older style or just from use.
  3. I have some Berts that just seem worn. They seem to hang a little. Tried greasing them, it helped but they are not like new. I would like to send them in for repair. Anybody got contact info for them? thanks in advance.
  4. I tie about 10 to 15 feet of 40lb mono to the wire line using a spro swivel then a snap swivel on the end of the mono to hook to the dipsey. When you break the rod down all the wire is on the reel, no kinks. I realize it puts an extra knot or two in the set-up but I've never had a problem. Usually don't add a snubber. I figured the mono gives me a little stretch.
  5. Slow today. A lot of debris and stained water. South wind early then switched to NNW about 9am. Only managed 2 LLs on sliders on a rigger set at 65. 70 degree water down to about 60 feet. 50 at 75. Marked very few fish or bait. Ended up about 4 miles north of the plant. Probably should have run further north. Better luck next time.
  6. I have a Garmin GPS giving me trouble. It powers up and locks in just fine. At any time it will shut off. If you hit the power button it will power right back up and be fine only to shut off again in a second or an hr. I have checked all the connections and especially ground. I now have it powered and grounded on the same wires as my FF. Finder never wavers but GPS will shut off. Gotta believe it is in the unit itself. Any ideas or a repair center? Thanks in advance.
  7. if you keep losing signal change your plugs to resistors. I had trouble keeping wireless locked into the down speed and temp. Haven't had a problem since I switched to resistor spark plugs.
  8. I'm not sold on the rubber bands. Have had an awful time getting them to bust and release. Not all fish are 20 lb kings. Ended up making some out of alligator clips some chunks of hydraulic hose,insulators and shower curtain hangers. These work great even in heavy water. Just my opinion.
  9. Hit the south end out of Watkins about 7am. Put the rods in just south of the salt plant. Put the riggers down 100 and 125 first with flashers and flies. Then set a couple wires rigs and a 300 copper with spoons. Set out a shallow jr stick on aboard and quickly caught a decent size atlantic. To make a long story short the salmon on top till around 10 were active. Caught no lakers so brought up the riggers to 50 and 60 with free sliders and put out 3 apex kokonee killers on core of the boards and the 300 copper. Never used these before but their name iis accurate. The atlantics nailed em. Didn't keep a perfect count but we were at least 15 for 20, probably more. biggest around 24 inches, most around 16 to 18. Also took two nice browns on this spread and lost a nice rainbow at the boat. all in all a great day. Thanks to all who post. gives a guy who has to travel a place to start.
  10. I know this is late notice but I just decided to make the trip to Senaca tomorrow with my wife and grandson.. Can I still launch at Clute Park or is there a better place in the area. Any tips on what area to hit along with some depths and lure choices? I'd really like to get the kid into some fish. Thanks for any info.
  11. Hit the north end at around 8am. Slow day all around. One fish 100 down in 110 on a spoon, one on a 300 copper with a fly and one on a deep diving jr thunderstick 150 back. Surprised in the slow top bite, thought it would be good. Marked more fish on the bottom in the north end, few at the bluff. First trip of the year and the boat ran fine. Had a couple grand kids and they had fun. Was going to go to Senaca but thought the kids would have more action at Cana. Maybe next time.
  12. Looking for a couple of used Berts rod holders. Thanks Tom
  13. I put a short section of mono between the copper and braid backing for hooking to a release. I just heven't found a release than gives me satisfactory service. My homemade releases used for regular board work don't have enough holding power and some others I have tried have too much. Just looking for the perfect one for copper.
  14. Will these work for 300 to 400 foot coppers connecting to mono backing?
  15. I have two wire and one power pro dipsey set-ups with daiwa 47lc reels. Roller rods for the wire and a twilli on the power pro. I have an extra rod with the twilli tip laying around and want to add another dipsey set-up. What would you guys suggest and why, another power pro rig or the wire? I will need another reel, any suggestions? Thanks in advance Tom
  16. I fish Ontario and the fingers. My downrigger and planer board rods 47 line counters on them. Was wonderind if these 27s and the 210s would work for lead core or like you said use the 27 for my main rods, count passes, and then use the 47s for lead core. Am just trying to get the most versatility out of my equipment. How many colors will these reels hold?
  17. I have a few 27Hs without the line counters and a couple penn 210s. Was wondering what would be the best use for these. I have counters on all my rigger rods and use these also for planer boards. I also have 3 dipsey rods and a 300 foot copper setup using a saltist. are these reels of any good use? Thanks
  18. I second the Marlin bolt gun. I have both the 22 mag and 17 HMR. The 17 has more range, the mag more punch. For squirrels either would be fine. If I had to choose I'd pick the 17. Just a fun cartridge that out performs it's size.
  19. A friend of mine fished the derby on Cayuga last weekend and said the same thing. Worst he has ever seen the eels. Most every fish brought to the boat had eels attached along with other eel wounds. Hope the powers that be can get a handle on this potential big problem.
  20. what is the best release to use when pulling copper from big boards
  21. Fished out of Weedville this morning. Very slow. Fished up to the condos on the east side across the lake and then back down the west. One taker. Small laker. Had lines from the surface to 150. Marked very few fish and less bait. Has to get better.
  22. I have been having trouble with my new X4.The unit would shut off, go into cal mode or just go screwy at random times. After calling Trevor at Grayden Outdoors I took his advice and installed resistor plugs in my motor.Tried it out today on the water and everything works great. Can't say enough about their customer service.He actually sent me a new display unit to try, just to eliminate that as a possible problem. He took my word that it would be returned if it didn't fix the trouble. Anyway all is good now and I am looking forward to utilizing it in the future. Tom
  23. I have been loading for the 243 for years with good results. Both my boys started with a 243. I used the Sierra 85 BTHP for deer and liked it. Recently while rigging up a deer gun for my grandson, I switched to some of the newer bullets and couldn't be more satisfied. The 95 nosler ballistic tip, 90 swift scirocco and the 85 hornady interbond all are great bullets for deer. IMR 4350, IMR 4831, IMR 4064, H Varget and H380 all are good powders. I use mag primers for all my hunting loads just in case of extreme cold conditions, not a necessity but it gives me piece of mind. We have taken numerous deer with these components with no problems.
  24. In an earlier post I was advised to seek assistance from the manufacturer when I had trouble with my new unit. Just wanted to post and give a big thumbs up to Trevor at Grayden Outdoors. He sent me a new monitor to try so I could eliminate a bunch of possible causes for my problen. As it turns out the new unit did the same as the original so my problem is in the install wiring. Can't thank them enough for their help and just wanted to let everyone know what a class act they are. Thanks Tom
  25. Just installed a x4 on my boat and I am some trouble. When I turn it on it will ramp up and display OK with or without the probe. It will then sometimes shut down or go into a calibration mode. If you turn it back on it may stay on a minute or maybe 5 then do it again. Never stays on for more than 5 without either shutting off or going into the cal type mode. Any ideas? Thanks Tom
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