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  1. Went North out of Clute Park about 7 am. Tried the west side 75 to around 200 lures at between 5 and 100. Fished to the salt plant with no luck. went to the east side and took two LLs off of boards 5 colors of core with a orange and silver spoon. That was it. nice day on the water and the boat ran fine. First trip of the year. Would have liked to have done better on the fish though. Did mark alot of bait from 150 to the bottom in about 200 foot of water. Tried some spoons off of riggers way down there with no luck. Maybe next time. Thanks to all who share info on the site. BS2
  2. Thinking of coming up to Watkins area Sunday. Never fished Senaca but want to give it a try. Could anyone give me some info on launches in that area and some ideas on type of fish to target ie lakers, rainbows or landlocked and where? I would really like to get into some LL salmon ( never caught one ) I am set up with riggers, planer boards, dipseys and lead core as I mostly troll. Thanks in advance.
  3. Two Cabelas triple rod holders with the quick draw upgrade and two Scotty rod holders. All on Berts track bases. Excellent shape. Over 360 invested. Will take 200
  4. What system do you feel is more versitile?Will one do all the other will do and more?I am pressed for space and need to get the most out of my combos.Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Do you have any preferred vendors for your rod and reel purchases?
  6. I have a couple dipsy rods with regular eyelets and a twilli tip I use with wire.I don't really like the feel of all the friction and the loss of a consistant drag when fighting a fish. I am thinking of purchasing rods with the rollers. Are they worth the expence? will they solve my problems? What brands are felt to be a good value in your opinion? Thanks in advance Tom
  7. BTTT Still available. Booms are about 1 foot long.Here are some pics. If interested give me a call. 814-228-3674 Thanks Tom
  8. I am looking for 2 of the transition pieces for Cannon rear mount duel rod holders.This is a short thimble that inserts into the rear rod holder hole and allows for the conversion to the rear mount double holder. Thanks Tom
  9. For sale - 2 Cannon 10As with the touch screen controls.One of the screens quit working so I mounted a toggle switch to the case to operate the rigger. The other works fine. One power cord has been replaced and the other needs it.Will come with the rear mount rod holder and cable. 150.00 Thanks Tom
  10. Pop a couple of primers before you load up and your problems are solved.
  11. Thanks alot Chris. This sounds just like what he is experiancing.I will recommend he get the thermostat changed.I have never used Seagar. Always have gone to Barrett Marine.Great people.Excellent service. Tom
  12. Thanks for the replys.The oil was changed as soon as the problem was found. The oil again appeared as though it was contaminated with water.This is when it was taken to a shop for yhe compression test that came out OK.Even if there are no leaks I worry about damage to the internal engine parts as well as corrosion.Do these engines have an internal thermostat to control temp? Thanks again
  13. 2 Cabelas triple rod holders with the quick draws. Bases to fit Berts tracks. 150 like new.
  14. A friend of mine has a Honda 125 four stroke.The oil in the crankcase appears milky, like it is getting water.It also seems to smell of fuel,but not sure.He has had a compression check ,thinking it could be a head gasket.Everything was normal.We thought it might be condensation from long hours of trolling.Don't want to damage anything and this can't be good.Any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks in advance Tom
  15. I am in need of the controller for one of these riggers.They have a digital touch screen. Anybody got one they want to part with? Thanks Tom
  16. 15 hits boated 13. All lakers. Just south of the State Park. Most hits between 100 and 130. Not a good day for spoons. Every thing came on peanut rigs and rotators and flies. Nothing over around 5#. Fished from 7:30 to 10:30. Great day to be out.
  17. We will be out. South end Sat. North end Sun. Good luck to all. Channel 68 Blacksquirrel, say hello.
  18. Marked very few fish and caught only one. 7.5 laker on a blue and silver spoon 65 down over 150 . Marked no bait. Hope it gets better before next weekend. Cruised around a little looking for fish. East and west sides 50 to deep water.Tried spoons on riggers,thundersticks on 10 color and flies on dipseys out 200 to 350 on a 3 setting. Fished from the white rock to condos.Any suggestions ?
  19. Hit the Branchport arm Sunday AM. Surface temp 58 to 60. 12 for 14 all lakers. All came deep 120-150. Cowbells with peanuts and wobble trolls were best. Took a few on flashers and flies in green. Mostly a rigger bite but dipseys caught some. # 2 setting at 300 +. Ran some leadcore and boards with no luck. Surprised we didn't do some up high.Seems like we have in years past at this surface temp. Will probably hit Woodville one day this weekend pre fishing the Derby.
  20. A one inch group at 100 yds with a 17 had to be done on a day with absolutely no wind and a very accurate rifle. That little 17 grain bullet is real prone to wind drift. You can't compare a 17 grain bullet at 2550 and a 50 grain bullet at 3600. The 17 is alot less prone to richocets as stated earlier, so it is a better choice where that may be a problem,but you will be giving up alot of range and killing power compared to most any centerfire rifle.It really depends on how you will be hunting coyotes.I would say the 17 is on the extreme light side for a coyote gun and anything above the 243 or 6mm is too much gun.
  21. Real hard to beat the 22-250. Accurate and flat shooting.The 204 takes special cleaning rods and jags and is prone to fouling quicker than the 22-250.I agree the 22 mag and 17 are too small. The 17 is especially light on anything but a rib cage shot at 100 yds and under.All kinds of factory ammo is available for the 22-250 and it is an easy cartridge to reload if you prefer. H380 powder,magnum primers and a 50 or 55 grain bullet will make ant coyote real sick way out there.
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