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  1. 2012 Archery mount. Took him October 9th. Mount done by Sean Blackley. Awesome work!!!!
  2. Just curious if anyone knows where the trophy itself is and if it will be available ever again during the pro/am's?
  3. Main frame 8 point with 5 kickers. Field dressed at 205lbs. Hoyt Powertec 60lb G5 Striker 100 grain Easton Carbon Excel 400 Came in with another smaller 8pt at 60 yards. Used the Primo's can the Hoffey way to get em to 18 yards. Went 60 yards and piled up along corn field edge. Dave Hoffman
  4. Roy Letcher of Hotline Charters and brother of Tom of Double Play II out of Olcott,NY has been hospitalized with a stroke. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. Dave Hoffman Double Play II
  5. Great job guys. Many years of battling with u guys throughout the Pro-Am's in the am division and now the Pro side. Cherish the victory! Dave Hoffman Double Play II
  6. LaRock's Outdoors and Creative Reflections Taxidermy are two different businesses. Early part of 2010 Paul McCanna house and taxidermy shop was destroyed by fire. LaRock's Outdoors offered Paul some space in his store to get his taxidermy shop going again. So he has been behind just a tad. I understand your feelings but please cut him some slack. Paul does good work and will get your fish done. I will let Paul know of your concerns. Dave Hoffman DP II
  7. Good post Pete. Please someone clarify why the "Counties" are the ones that are responsible for enforcing the rules? Dave Hoffman Double Play II
  8. Just wondering what each County has at stake for these tournaments? Last time i checked the Niagara tournament is called The Skip Hartman Memorial Pro-Am. So why does Niagara County care there's no communication or communication during this tournament? Majority rules in my neck of the woods!! Dave Hoffman Double Play II
  9. Miller Hose Gun And Four Wheeler tickets for sale now. $20 Donation 30 Prizes Grand Prize 2011 Polaris 400 4x4 Need Not Be Present to win!!!!! Winner of four wheeler must pay tax and tags!! Make checks payable to Miller Hose Fire Company PO: Box 99 Newfane,NY 14108 Att: Tom Letcher Will mail out your ticket asap!! Thanks for the support!!
  10. I took the time to personally thank Kevin and his committee for the invitation to participate in the WHI. Team Double Play struggled early Saturday morning. We went back to the Canadian side of the river in front of the Welland Canal after the decision was made that the fog was unsafe around the bar to fish. The fish were there in Canadian waters like the day before but, just like most the field it was almost impossible to move the kings. We ended up with 1 16lb king with 3 others waving bye bye. Congrats to the top 10. Nice to see some of our Canadian anglers again. Happy fishing the rest of 2011 and safe boating!!! Dave Hoffman Team Double Play II
  11. Mark Pierleoni, Captain Vince's brother does awesome work on replicas. He's located in the Rochester area. Any info needed i think Vince would be able to lead you in the right direction. Good Fishing Dave DPII
  12. Working on DPII. New paint and next New Scotty's!! Fishing season here we come!!
  13. They are reorganizing the website. Word has it it will be much more improved than the previous one. Dave DPII
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