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  1. I am absolutely appaulled at this increase in fees. Every year I purchase the super sportsman for $68. With fees and everything included that has risen to $108 (including $10 DMP fee and $10 trout stamp). It wouldn't bother me so much if I knew all the money was going into the Conservation Fund, but they (Albany) has no account of where the money actually goes. Smells fishy to me!
  2. Yankee These would have been considered smolts probably prior to their migration. I'm not sure when they run.
  3. Yankee Two years ago I caught 4-5 small atlantics in a trib not too far from there all the same day. Had to make sure that's what they were cause never caught one before. Seems like they are drawn to that area for some reason. Congrats!
  4. Mark, We were out there all day at the Oak on that lovely water. We got a few steelies on watermelon early then it shut down for a while. Also had one king release. Picked up a few later on the 42 second and a green glow j plug. Water was tough! I am steel swaying today. Paul
  5. Yankee, I would have to agree with you. Would the DEC allow us to fish for bass if it was destroying the population? I would have to believe they had several marine biologists looking into this before they allowed us to target, catch and release bass. Also, I have a bass boat which I have been using to troll for salmon, steelies and browns and to show my kids (4 year old twins) how much fun fishing is, since they are in more shallow water up to now.
  6. I would never keep any fish out of a pond with all the runoff from farmers fields, etc. The weeds are getting worse lately, but that pond is quite deep. I actually target holes in the weed beds or cast out past the weeds. That seems to be where the larger fish are. I know many of the migrants who work for the area farmers go there and take out fish in buckets. They don't understand the impact.
  7. I know what you mean. I have gone there several times, but actually haven't seen anyone keeping anything. Went there this past weekend and caught very little. I was a little late getting out . The deer flies carried us away.
  8. My buddy and I have fished a pond on route 531 twice the past week and we have caught approximately 45 -50 keeper largemouth each time. Both times consisted of about 2 hours of fishing. Most are about .5 to .75 lbs, but we did catch one 4lb 14oz. and a few that were a little smaller. We have used black or dark green senkos hooked wacky style. We also caught many smaller ones too.
  9. Kappy Normally, when I fish down there I use shad raps for steelies. In previous years when I did, I would catch a few walleye or smallmouth. Just wondering if they are in there yet. Sorry, didn't mean to offend you.
  10. Has anyone caught any Walleyes or Smallmouth in the Genesee River by Seth Green yet? Normally I go down there for Steelies before this point in the year, but it has been completely blown out for a while. I noticed the water level has decreased and it is not so muddy anymore. I may have to take a trip down there this weekend.
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