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  1. Bill's show was on the PBS channel 8 out of watertown, it might still be not sure
  2. That was pretty cool, thanks BlueEye
  3. 8hp huh,,,, did you by any chance have someone pick it up today? There was a guy who had, I believe two in the back of his truck and one fell out and landed in the road. The last I heard he was heading back towards the Marina, sucks to be him.
  4. That’s right I just fish the St Lawrence. I’m not in your league I’m a short water troller. I troll for large Pike Walleyes and Bass. I don’t even mess with the Musky’s.
  5. Tom you are the man!!! Will there be a test on this?
  6. Thanks for the lessen guys Good luck this season
  7. Here’s another question for you boys. I don’t fish the depth that you guys do normally no deeper than 35ft. I see that you guys keep you lures/spoons close to the downrigger weights. I’m looking to use spoons and buck tails this year and I need to know how far back in the water depth that I stated should I run my lures?
  8. Ok guys I guess you can say I’m old school. I was raised with my dad only flat lining. I’m getting all my gear up for this season and I want to try downriggers. I’ve learned a lot here ready reading your post, but have one question. What is blowback on downrigger weights? :?
  9. Some say I’ve retired because I work for the Highway Department! Truth is I’m the one guy working all the other are standing watching!!!!!!
  10. WOW, you boys are hard-core!!!! Here goes 3 trolling rods, 4 spinners, 2 ice fishing rods, 5 tip-ups and here’s one not mentioned 2 bamboo poles for bull heads
  11. You have to love those Accudepth’s, I just picked up one more of them. I bought one of those combo’s from Dick’s two years ago for the same price $69.00 and the Fire wolf didn’t even last to the end of the first fishing trip. I had a fish on, set the hook and the rod snapped about 6â€Â
  12. HEHEHEHE,, the man has his act together
  13. 50, but my wife said it's time for me to grow up,,,, naaaa
  14. Yeah up on the river, but not sure where. This might sound like BS, but I don't ask things like that. Even when we go test fishing and he takes me to his honey holes, he knows he won't fine me there out of respect. He's tought me so much that I'm not going to screw it up by fishing his spots.
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