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  1. i would be interested in flies and spoons plus knowledge. knowledge trumps bait pattern in my opinion so i am not sure how you price that.
  2. i just had Kevin Jerge from Wilson Harbor marine install an EV-100. Very professional and did an oustanding job. i was able to wait while he installed it. Worth the time saving to have him install it versus the learning curve it would have taken for me to install it myself. Plus he is a certified installer and if there are any issues he comes to the boat to fix it. worth every penny.
  3. Selling 3 Mag10a that came with boat that i purchased 3 years ago. All 3 in good working condition. one has a cracked base and can be used as spares or you would need to replace the base. $500 obo. all come with 150' of cable. I have used these for 3 years and they are very reliable. Two of them have telescoping booms and one is a fixed boom.
  4. I sold the family on buying a boat telling that we would get out and use it together. Up to this point I have been successful in keeping it a fishing boat. my time is slowly running out. anyone have any good day trips that they have done. i am out of Rochester and looking to head east or west, but not sure of any good ports to stop at.
  5. jim, i bought the planer reels. i have them installed, but i think i m missing a critical piece. i assume you had a pully located above the reels. how did you affix those?
  6. I am lookiing to venture to the Niagra river for the derby this spring. Does anyone have good reference for a marina that i can keep my boat at.
  7. Gambler - i tried to PM, but nothing is getting out of my outbox. where did you take your boat to be bottom painted? anyone else have a good contact.
  8. I have tried to PM all of you that requested it however none of my PM are being sent. They are all stuck in my outbox. If still interested please PM me with your phone number.
  9. For everyone interested. sorry for not responding. Lost my cell phone. going to get a new one tonight. will call everyone tonight or tomorrow.
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