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  1. Hey Sean how much did you spend on an Alaska diy hunt if you don't mind me asking ?
  2. Hooked up did you drop trees or hinge cut them ? I was thinking about hinge cutting I have heard great things about it
  3. My hardwood were logged four years ago with all the tops left in them so there are some really thick spots and I have 25 acres that we don't touch that is a really thick bedding area. And yeah we have corn scheduled this year and they obviously feed and bed in the corn. But my neighbor has a good mix of food plots and when the corn is cut they leave my bedding area to hit his fields at last light. So this year out of my hundred acres I want to plant a handful of small spots that hopefully they will hit before they go into the big plots off our property. Thanks for all the input
  4. Just wanted to get people's opinions on types of food plots they have the best success with. Next year my property will be surrounded by corn. Gonna do five or six plots I have planted a lot of different things just trying to get some different perspective on what people like to plant the most and for what time of season. I had a friend plant two acres of soy beans and once they turned brown they didn't touch them but then they returned late season and it seemed like they pulled deer in from every where I had never thought brown soybeans late season would pull more deer them raddish and brassicas so I wanted to see what everyone else plants.
  5. Perfect condition 100 bucks two reels. Fits in seat or comes with seperate mount yellow two line
  6. I'm selling a bow with brand new strings and cables qad drop away rest five pin tru glo sight stabilizer and quiver and new Plano case with it. And three new arrows. Ready to hunt.
  7. You can't talk as New York State as a whole. Western ny an antler restriction is a great idea. Agreed shoot the does to eat. But in places east of us the deer herd is much different then it is here. I hunt in Albany as well and there are many areas there where you can't shoot does unless you have three preference points to get a tag for regular gun season. So my dads where I hunt we have three hundred acres and as the season goes on the people who hunt his property become more desperate to harvest a deer to eat. Not to mention the quality of bucks there is nothing like it is here. Then take the Adirondacks where in parts you are lucky to see a few deer all season long. I was in plattsburgh last week and had a guy who was excited that he got his first pic of a doe on his trail cam. He also had pics of bears and one cow moose but the fact that he had a doe on his trail cam made his year lol. Antler restriction is a great idea out here but not heading out that way. Also how about one buck per year? Why do people need to shoot a six pointer with the bow and then shoot another with the gun. If we were serious about getting bigger bucks in New York we would only be allowed to kill one buck per year. It seemed to work in Ohio. Along with a shorter gun season.
  8. Lol thanks that wouldn't be too good of a deal
  9. Hi everyone I'm looking for someone who might be willing to let me hunt with them on weekdays in exchange they can hunt my property an hour away on weekends I have a camp with running water electric shower toilet. It produces big bucks year after year and has taken three pope and young bucks in the past ten years I have 12 ladder stands and you would be welcome to bring your own as well. I just can't afford the gas to run out there every single day after work. If someone is willing to let me hunt in Monroe county close to henroetta I will let them hunt and sleepover at my camp at a beautiful whitetail property I can show you pics of mounts and this years trail cams if someone is interested send me a pm thanks
  10. That's great. I mean sucks about the trail cam but they should catch the low life. What an idiot. Would like to know if they catch him keep us posted. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. I just got off the phone with allstate and it they confirmed they worked with DEC on not only releasing coyotes but also mountain lions in NY state. Hence the breeding population of mountain lions in the Webster area.
  12. I wanted to add another opinion on this debate. I personally don't like the idea of the youth hunt. But there are gonna be more people in the woods that weekend a lot who aren't experienced so put on an orange hat. ( i know that thought of wearing all camo is way cooler) and get your ass in the woods. Maybe that fifteen year old is gonna kick you the buck of a lifetime. You just dont know. One thing is for sure you wont kill any deer complaining on your computer. With that being said it will change their patterns and make them a little wary but if you hunt muzzle loader at the end of the season you know that time is a great opportunity to kill a nice buck. So either way you gotta be in it to win it. Good luck to everyone this season.
  13. I am selling a 2006 nissan 9.8 fourstroke used on lake ontario for two months last season. Great on gas. Long shaft,electric start. Still have all original paperwork. The new boat I recently purchased already had one on it. Asking $2000.
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