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  1. Can't wait, one of my favorite tournament s. Very well organized also. Sent from my XT1650 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. In Rochester I would suggest Class A Sport fishing. Matt French is Captain.
  3. I'm in Rochester, interested in net w 7 ft handle.
  4. No problem, looking for a net for pier fishing.
  5. We fished that area today, took steelhead out in 450, small laker and Skippy .
  6. Jlogger....great post...that's what I thought until it actually happened ..was an agreement ..everyone is posting there opinion and that's fine...nobody knows what are agreement was except us..tks for all the response s.
  7. Tks Vince, well said. It was said that any winning s would be split even before the Derby started. This had happened.to me before, that's why I'm ranting about it. Was a family member last time it happened. Guess allI can say is "karma is a ****. TKS again for your input. "
  8. Like some feedback on this....So let's say your derby fishing with 2 other people and it was agreed to split the winning s.Well one day I couldn't go and of course they caught the winning fish that day. In my opinion it should still be split up evenly ( with the boat getting it's share also). I know guys are gonna say...u had to be on boat that day...but it was said any winning s would be split evenly..Tks
  9. Had to go out to 500+ today, was worth it.Lot's of steehead and a few kings.30' to 90' down.
  10. Thanks for the replies, looking for someone who is also registered in the Derby.
  11. Anyone fishing off the pier(Rochester) during Derby? Might try it a couple day's. John
  12. Anyone looking for a first mate, I have many years experience trolling Lake Ontario. Also have my 6 pack license. Please reply back if you need a dependable experienced mate. Tks John
  13. I think in the next week, water was very dirty yesterday. Color was better at the end of pier...just to windy...
  14. Fished it yesterday ..0 for 0..don't think 20 mph east wind helped ..gonna keep at it this week.
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